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Operational MavenEmily Lipscomb

The intriguing thing about advertising is how the art and science of it works together, my passion is for the design side. My marketing-advertising career started just like any other advertising University of Illinois grad- at a downtown Chicago ad agency, spending 13+ years in Client Service overseeing multiple clients across channels, National brands (Domestic/International) like Bally Total Fitness. Car-X. David's Bridal. Pella Corporation. UPS.

As a senior level lead on the Pella account, had my first opportunity to work with Denise- who was the kind of client every client service person wanted. Driven, People Focused, Talented and honest business partner leading her team to results driven success. Her energy is catching and if you follow her lead, you’ll be glad you did.

From there I switched gears to marketing consult at a local web design agency overseeing- managing operations plus learning all the ins and outs of the web design/development working with SMBs. Believe it or not- I’m also a trained picture framer/ designer, who managed a Chicagoland picture framing store for 3 years.

My approach to problem solving is strategic and thorough focusing on a longterm point of view vs. quick short term solutions, working with teams at all levels of the business to identify growth and strategic planning opportunities. Always focused on finding a balance and win for everyone at the table.

Working with Denise and the Relationships Matter Now team is energizing. With an Operational focus my role is one of a chameleon to meet the internal / external project management needs of RMN. Teamwork- the combined action of a group especially when effective and efficient inspires me. The impact of a productive, honest team where brilliant ideas are generated, build off each other and become real is a cool phenomenon. RMN does just that and helps other businesses achieve it- love being a part of this important work.

Passions: Music (live music) — Photography — Architecture — Outdoors People. Curiosity for people- conversations, learning about their story. Been told I ask way too many questions.

Favorite Band: Impossible to Pick. Prince, Miles Davis, Lumineers, Gary Clark Jr., Mumford & Sons

Favorite Places: Nice, France - Point Reyes, California

Favorite Sport: Basketball (especially playing with my kids, who asked me if I was taller in High school when I played)

Words to live by:

Life. The days are long, the years are short (parenting!) / If you give love you get love

Work. You can teach skills but not personality

Quote. The soul becomes dyed by the color of it’s thoughts. -Marcus Aurelius

Emily Lipscomb