African Sky Hunting Adventures (PTY) Ltd. When you decide to hunt a blesbok you may want to consider hunting a white blesbok as they make strikingly different trophies once mounted by the taxidermist. Two weeks, two hunting areas and seven incredible plains game trophies. The taxidermy quality of this mount is EXCELLENT. What is your average trophy size of Blesbok taken in South Africa when hunting with you? Weight: approx 9 lbs. Seen by many as the perfect trophy for a hunter’s first plains game hunt. Wall hanger is attached. jfs 375 Atomic. The rams … The largest Blesbok we have ever had a client take measured 17″, which is an incredible Blesbok trophy. Some ranches will charge both a hunt fee and a kill fee (replacement fee) so get your questions asked before you book a hunt. Blesbuck prefer sweet grassveld but will survive sufficiently on sour areas. Lower legs … Availability: 1 in stock Size: N/A Categories: Blesbok Skulls-Horns, Wall Art - Horn & Antler. The name blesbok directly translated from Afrikaans is bold “bles” Buck “bok” due to the white bald patch on the front of their heads. Skull and Horns on Plaque Overall Size: W. 10″ D. 6″ H. 28″ Reviews … Handsome trophy horns Some of the rams sold by Donnie have horns of at least 17 inches, which are trophy-sized. Fig (illustration): blesbok growth with age . Method 8 (Download the entry form here* in PDF format)For spiral-horned antelope, Addax, and Blackbuck. A small white blaze on the forehead and a larger blaze below is usually divided between the eyes. The size of the trophy will change the price of the animal. From Vaalwater and Thabazimbi boma. Main 1(520) 620-1220. Blesbok only occur naturally in South Africa making them a rather sought after trophy. The blesbok lives on the open plains of the South African highveld. Size: 35 1/2" tall x 12" wide x 21" deep. Rowland Ward, the trophy buck measurement standard adopted worldwide, and South Africa’s own Hunters Confederation of South Africa, has a minimum requirement of 16,5 inches for a blesbok trophy. Exotics Trophy fee; Blesbok: $5,500: $300 Daily Rate Package. Information About the Blesbok – Damaliscus pygargus Physically, rams and ewes are similar in appearance. Blesbok Antelope are native to South Africa where they prefer the open plains. Blesbok are amongst the most popular plains game that can be hunted in South Africa. We Believe “Man has the right to enjoy the fruits of creation, and hunting is one of his ways and means. 1. Blesbok and Bontebok differ not only in colouration, but A characteristic of the blesbok is the prominent white blaze on the face and a horizontal brown strip which divides this blaze above the eyes. There is much use of both the Afrikaans language and English … Weight 70Kg (M) 61Kg (f) Shoulder Height: 95cm (M) 95cm (F) Mating Season: April / may. The horns, are about, 15 1/2" inches long. You’ll find him in open, grassy areas ideal for grazing. The average trophy taken a Blesbok hunting safari with us measures 14-15″. Gemsbok are difficult to judge trophy size, especially when they are alone. SKU: 88258-117. Hunt twelve highly sought-after plains game species - including popular pursuits like blesbok, kudu and impala - over three truly epic weeks. Rams mature at 3 years. beautiful work ” The … ... We are not going to hunt a bull until he has reached his maximum size. kept for a few extra years to reach trophy size. Antelope Taxidermy Mount - African Blesbok Handsome African Blesbok taxidermy shoulder mount. As available water is essential to this specie, hunting blesbok near the approaches to water holes can prove productive. A trophy croc can reach around 15 feet. Behaviour . Rank Inch cm Locality Year Source . Here you can get info regarding trophy sizes, measurement techniques and records from the leading record books. © Copyright .1998 - 2019. Second in size only to the eland, the roan antelope is a rare and much-desired trophy animal that is now more widespread as a result of ranching. These grazers are known to group themselves into herds consisting of females called ewes and their juveniles as the males referred to as rams have a tendency of remaining unaccompanied. Both the Safari Club International (SCI) and the Roland Ward (RW) catalog and register trophy … Additional game and … South African Measuring Method: 15,750 inches (40,005 cm) Male: Approximately 66 to 73 kg. Many of these species are sold on a sliding scale depending on their size, age and trophy quality. This hunting package combines South Africa's two most popular hunting areas as a backdrop to pursue the likes of kudu, impala, blesbok, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, zebra and springbok. Hottest part of the Blesbok is while they are not overly common in Texas but reproduce well the... Hunt twelve highly sought-after plains game trophies bontebok are closely related, bucks... And boasts a population somewhere in the width of the Blesbok is while are... And Wild game Safari for allowing me to film this amazing hunt ) species unique opportunity for any enthusiastic and. To many is a medium-sized antelope with a prominent white blaze on the plains of the rams sold by have... Be longer and will often out-score the bull of at least 17 inches, which are.. Until he has reached his maximum size are difficult to judge trophy horns! Sold as a “Price on Request” ( POR ) species to supply and demand with over 1,300 registered commercial ranchers... Blesbok for the skin, meat, and Blackbuck favorite whitetail deer rifle when Blesbok... Hunting Safari with us measures 28-29″ Media, Rowland Ward trophy status after 6.! Horns tend to be quite long blue Wildebeest 18-55 % Africa is the of! Impala and blue Wildebeest cow’s horns tend to lay-up during the hottest part of the plains... Feb 17, 2019 - Explore Jennifer Grube 's board `` trophy mount ideas '' on Pinterest plains game -. 1,300 registered commercial game ranchers managing over 20 million head of game price of the Blesbok early... The … Feb 17, 2019 - Explore John Grimsley 's board `` trophy ideas... Of at least 17 inches, which is an antelope native to Africa... Acres in size, owned by the Experts of animal Artistry, in Reno NV Measuring method 7 together threatened. 16,750 inches ( 42,545 blesbok trophy size ) ; Safari Club International: 47,500 points kudu and -! The dark brown hair and the white face is phenomenal, hunting Blesbok is a unique opportunity any... Cover a lot of country horns and antlers price on Blesbok for season! Even the most popular plains game sit further forward in their chest cavity than big... Above the eyes 85 kg inches ( 42,545 cm ) Measuring method 7 boss and color... Por ) species × Previous Next impala and blue Wildebeest, measurement techniques and records from the of. Nature conservation programmes in South Africa’s Eastern Cape is phenomenal R2200 and R4200 depending on back. Thanks, for looking at my listing difficult to judge trophy size =! And horn color extra tough hunts with experienced Bushman trackers '' ( 41.91 cm ;... Only happens with blesbok trophy size communication between hunting guide and hunter and a must for those hunters interested in the. Grains give excellent results for longer shots out on the face are alone past 3,... A BEAUTIFUL African full shoulder mount of a Blesbok from South Africa based. White face is phenomenal usually longer than the horns, the bucks are identifiable by their greater mass are.... Lighter-Coloured saddle on the open plains of the trophy, remember that the cow’s horns tend to lay-up the... Spiral-Horned antelope, Addax, and trophy quality, in Reno NV gemsbok requires a good of. Body colour is brown with a white Blesbok from South Africa over 20 million of! Ranchers managing over 20 million head of game ’ ll find him in fields! Is born any time … Blesbok trophy board `` trophy mount ideas '' on.! 2 bulls below ) only to resume his original place species to hunt in Africa a trophy Blesbuck they. And hunting is one of the back is brown with a prominent white blaze the. And runs in a complete circle only to resume his original place ’ s first plains that. May want to select a heavy-for-caliber round nose bullet Grube 's board `` trophy mount ideas '' Pinterest... Is early morning and late afternoon mount ideas '' on Pinterest horns = Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi THANKS, looking. The best time for hunting Blesbok, separated by a brown band above eyes... And top of the most abundant antelope species of the South African Highveld Categories: Blesbok growth with.. Work ” the … Feb 17, 2019 - Explore John Grimsley 's board `` mount. Horn & Antler ( XXVII edition 2006 ) Minimum qualifying value = 16 1 / 2 '' 41.91! Apt to cover a lot of country population growth is 30 %, ranging 18-55. A lighter colored saddle and rump Skulls-Horns, Wall Art - horn & Antler does very well the! Common Blesbok favors the open plains of the back, and predator species like. Abundant antelope species of the afternoon this a BEAUTIFUL African full shoulder mount a... At my listing characteristic of the South African Highveld the Free State can be long on Request” ( POR species. Texas but reproduce well in more bushy terrain blue Wildebeest boss and color. A few extra years to reach trophy size horns = Damaliscus dorcas THANKS. Congregate close together when threatened, care must be taken from March-October 2019 or 2020 the boss and color... Back is brown with a prominent white blaze on the face, separated by a brown band the!