I taped masking tape between the frets, having first stuck each strip to the back of my hand a couple of times to reduce the stickiness, and followed with electrical tape on top so that everything was nice and protected. Never ‘different’ to it. This sensational collection is owned by Kieran Dargan. As one of the previous posts supported, its amazing what height / tilt tweaks can achieve! I’d be better off spending that money on some bespoke guitar lessons. You can’t really say one is better or worse, they are just different. My only real experience of Squier is a model from the mid 90s which is terrible but can't really judge today's models by that. I painted it Dakota red and it looks great. Post a youtube link to the sound you’re after so we can all hear what you’re aiming for. But I would also strongly advise folk to try different cap / pot and pickup height adjustments with the pups they already have before deciding they are in need of an ‘upgrade’. hey Tony, still looking for a humbucker for the 604w. Previous owner had removed the 2 points trem bridge, filled the part of the trem routed cavity and installed a 6 points trem. Seen a dude with a HSH strat with rolling mill in neck and bridge and smokestack ll in middle on youtube and I got the visa out straight away. Leaves a nice clean line between the top/bottom and sides) Finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed satin varnish. So please leave a comment or just say Hi!. Thanks just looked at this …I have not idea how much $1500 pesos is mind…lol. I’ve done this before with Plasticine. Simon. I’d get onto one of the parts specialists and have a chat. Video: turn your Pacifica into a mini travel guitar! But now i am defintevely in love with the Humbucker/P90 configuration of the Pacifica 611 brand new… What do you think about it? You can see them on the pic at the top of the My Pacificas page. Heey, So i'm going to buy my first electric guitar soon =D Alot of people seem to recommend the Yamaha Pacifica. Thomann usually stamp their deko instruments with a little ‘D’ on the backs of the necks, usually around the heel, so beware of one claiming to be ‘almost perfect just a slight ding on the back of the neck’. I was counting backwards towards the nut for some reason (!?). Anyway, a few years ago I felt I needed a new electric after years with my Schecter, and that I wanted a tremolo equipped guitar. I guess a fret file with smooth edges would have made life a little less troublesome and more risk free, and if I was doing several guitars I’d definitely get one, but I wouldn’t bother with one of those crowning files that seem to cost the earth as I think they would give less control and would dictate the crowning profile too much. I’m glad it worked out for you. Brand New. Cheers! But 904s are even nicer but tend to be expensive and rare secondhand. nice guitars im selling my strat to get anotherone. $15 + $10 Shipping. Could anyone recommend me an approximate appropriate string height for this one? But seriously what wood a guitar is made of is way down my list when looking for a guitar. I’ve got one of the previous series of Yamaha amps, the blue striped ones. Not sure if any of the major mods ‘improved’ the guitars in any way…sorting out the frets, nut, setting up and rolling the neck edges etc can transform a guitar more than a new set of pickups, certainly in the sense of making it feel more expensive. Las Vegas, NV, United States. He’s right, he really does undersell the attention to detail he puts into his pickups. Check out some great links at the bottom of the page, too. I suspect its GAS playing with my head telling me on a subconscious level “these pickups you looking into googling etc you must have them” .? Not sure it’s worth the effort and cost when you can buy a Pacifica 102 with all that stuff done for you! Well there you go! If you find your local Yamaha office and call them they will order one for you at very little cost. My pac seems to be rolled ever so slightly. Very old-style fat lettering on the Pacifica logo compared with most of the 90s models. On those I’ve seen the body, neck, hardware and controls all appear to be identical between the 3 models. The frets had been stoned level but not crowned. It was about 10 years ago, but I recall the factory bridge pickup being a little too mellow for my liking. The “Headstock Logo Only” snob players have no idea what they are missing. The pickups are indeed a humbucker and two P90s. Just realised there’s a link to the 604 wiring higher up this thread!! If they don’t sell in enough numbers there won’t be much of a second hand market for Revstars but the new prices may suddenly crash. Many thanks, I’m just getting to grips with the site. The Epiphone Casion I did is a piece of crap (like the vast, vast majority of cheap Epiphones) that I bought on a whim and have replaced the tuners as the originals wouldn’t stay in for more than five minutes, have replaced the pickups as the originals bore no relation to what a Casino is supposed to sound like and now worked on the setup. Perloid SSS Scratchplate from http://www.guitarselectric.co.uk It has four settings and three pickups. They’re based in Rutland but also have a nice website with loads of wiring suggestions and soundclips. Heavier music demands more output, and the 120 is perfect as it is equipped with dual humbuckers. Yamaha pacifica 112j (HSS) pickup uprage and locking tuners. That is a lovely collection of top-end Pacificas, very nice! Just a great, great guitar. 75. Kraft Music. Good switches and ‘pots’ (the volume and tone controls) are a good investment and feel nicer, but not necessary for a great sound. I’m thinking a P90 might do much the same thing. Thats my opinion spot on..thats why I asked the price…if its an option at all get the two of them if funds can allow, Oh dear, Christmas GAS. This must have a different tone when distorted but must sound much more authentic as single coil when split. And you’d have to make the scratchplate to fit!! I own a Pacifica 120SJ: I don’t find shielding etc much of an issue unless you are under big lights with radio crews etc. Which all fits perfectly! I sanded and steel-wooled the body down to smooth raw wood. Cellulose is bollocks. From the Pacifica Series, this Yamaha PAC112V Electric Guitar really steps it up, offering a solid alder body with pro-level hardware and electronics - an amazing value in its price range. It’s not the standard bridge by the way it’s a Wilkinson but can’t seem to find the same one. I did this for some replacement nuts here in the UK and the service was excellent…so was the price. Hi, I own a blue 604w , great guitar. My pleasure. Im a beginner guitar player (started playing about 4 months ago), and I have a Yamaha Pacifica 112J (HSS) and the Fender Mustang 1 V2. But the result dissapointed me. I initially wanted a 120s but cant find one for love nor money, Also im assuming a natural finish I gonna be better as it would cut down on paint prep is this right..must be rosewood board too. But you pay the price..especially with Bareknuckle. Actually I see that I wrote “Even the the 1511 has the same neck”…I meant the 311 of course. Did this on the white one with the active circuit too. So it kind of depends if you have a dominant playing style favouring bridge humbucker or single coils. Mine is natural finish and I love the dings and scuffs on it and starting to get some serious wear on the top of the arm contour ain’t really had it all that long but it’s played to death. I say keep the 120SJ, it’s a great playing guitar, with great tuners, great frets, great stock pickups (yes, I admit this, I still haven’t changed mine), and the most comfortable neck I’ve yet to play and I have played many and owned many high end guitars. Guitar Pickups; Yamaha; Yamaha Pacifica 112J loaded Pickguard. Haven’t tried Irongear myself but I’d seriously recommend GFS pickups. The Yamaha Pacifica 112J is a HSS (Humbucker in the bridge, single coil in middle and neck) alder double cutaway bodied, maple bolt-on … I was so angry with myself to have let this one go, but then I … Meanwhile, here’s a really mysterious Pacifica 904 from Sergio. I own three 120sd’s and always have my eye out for another. And, bitten by the bug, he’s now got a Tele-style 311 too! I love a guitar thats not shall we say run of the mill..I was up for a les paul type guitar now I think I want one of these rs620 ..so far there are non to try near me. How are the 120s so hard to get hold of.? Dont think I could handle the dulled brush finish the blue 420 has now caught my eye although blue is a colour you really need to see in the flesh. Also replaced the middle single which I don’t use usually with a dummy and made new wiring with tele switch and 2 push-pull potentiometers for split mode in every pickup. I’ve totally replace the pickups and the wiring and everything on this guitar except the tuners and the nut.. Lou, HI LOU, no idea to be honest, but I’d be surprised if they were ever made in Japan. Yamaha Pacifica is the name of a series of electric guitars manufactured by Yamaha.The line was originally designed in Yamaha's California custom-shop by Rich Lasner, working with guitar builder Leo Knapp. Then I just used two files; one a standard DIY store file and the other a fine diamond encrusted nail file. Your guitar looks like a 112 so it’s pretty standard. They sound great and play like Butter. I’ve put a link to his website at the bottom of the page. My Pacifica 112 was bad right out of the box. [QUESTION] [NEWBIE] Hi fellow players! If it did buzz but now it doesn’t then the action’s right (assuming the nut, frets and truss rod are right). Love to see a pic of the 112J. I read somewhere that there is also a 604 without the wilkinson or am I getting confused with the 812v/812w? Easily as good as an entry level US Fender strat if not better. The difference between the Pacifica 112J and the Pacifica 112V is the use of the Alnico-V pickups. Note separation with chords is wicked played clean or with distortion. So assuming your single coils are well behaved at the treble end (i.e. It’s got the Warmoth logo and the neck plate etc, and the logo is the Abalone style..everything looks bang on apart from the spelling! Your email address will not be published. I have a hss alnico 5 set I took out of a pac 112v that you could have if your willing to pay postage. I emailed axesrus and I’m waiting for a reply. There are three general appearances to the Pacifica Katie. ), I would recommend treating an HSS like a full humbucker guitar and going for 500k (log /A ) pots and a 22nF (0.22uF) cap. OH MY WOW… I think it’s so awesome they remade the 612v. Right guys irongear pickups in and for want of better word wow…was originally getting rolling mill humbucker and smokestack singles but changed order for something hotter so I had pig iron overwound singles and steamhammer humbucker (no problem amending order). Please can you inform me where I can purchase a MIJ and USA pacifica guitar, Also where can I get a complete pacifica catalog..thx you.. Hi Russell, thanks for visiting my site. Guitar Pickups; Yamaha; Yamaha Pacifica 112J loaded Pickguard. Thanks for your help. But I got a new nut for one Pacifica from Yamaha. I think they’re both inspired by the old Les Paul Specials, though, to be fair.Special Yes, the green Revstar with the wraparound bridge and P90s is the one I’d go for, too. Try them out, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain quite honestly. If it’s the 604W, which has the Wilkinson bridge, the trem is a push-in type, with no thread. it only had the body, a pickguard and the neck and at first sight, I could see the finish very spoiled. Anyway imagine my surprise when at my guitar guru’s house he shows me a guitar stripped ready for painting and asks me count how many pieces of alder this guitar is made up from . So I got my action down so low that the bottom E actually buzzes at the lower frets (not that you hear it through the amp). There’s a link to the dealer in my links. But to your first question, in my experience you won’t notice any difference between pickups of a different radius to the neck. Just want to learn more about it but it’s the hardest Pacifica to find info on! The price for the 120s would be 60 British Pounds Can anyone explain the difference if I reverted back to the original.. Hi, Help. What is your opinion? But on the other hand we all know numerous guitar mods that are very successful. tia. But it wasn't just the body wood, the Pacifica 112 - from the outset - employed good hardware and pickups and classy design. Hi, what do you know about Pacifica 412v guitar? Thanks a bunch… that’s some good info… I just found a Pac1221MS and hopefully can talk the guy down from his $600 asking price… I’ll post a pic if it happens… Oh, and here’s a pic of my old Yamaha amp when I want to annoy the neighbors- http://imgur.com/a/ZYiAu…. I guess Rutland Water would just seep away if it had been sandstone. Would a 54 mm bridge make that much of a difference. As far as I know it was only the very top end models that were made in Japan. You won’t regret either, I’m sure. You know, where you have a wah pedal in a fixed position to filter the sound a bit? The pig irons have plenty of power and ring out like a bell but not overly chimey. What a lucky kid! I can’t see that on the pic. I’d love to hear what you think about the guitars on the site. Looks like in 2016, Yamaha may have some surprises in store for us. So I just got a 2004 Pacifica 412V for a fantastic price, I’m just wondering if anyone knows anything about a peculiarity I’ve noticed on mine — there’s no silkscreened mark on the back saying something like “made in Korea”. I’ll post a picture…Sergio, I’ve asked about this on the Yamaha Pacifica Lovers facebook page too. Don’t know where you’re based but replacing tuners is an easy job, especially if you get ones without screws as per the original Yamaha ones. So Craig, do the new 112s just have a regular coil tap on their humbucker or are they two proper single coils too like the 604? Takes 15 minutes and removes 90% of the hum. It was not that I thought the stock pickups bad but I found them muddy and by this I mean clarity wise which other people commented on too. Really good to hear that you take such personal care. Great for anyone looking to build a partscaster Includes. But I’d recommend GFS, you won’t be disappointed and they do a huge range of sounds, outputs, noiseless, semi-noiseless etc etc. Your local Yamaha dealer can get you one, otherwise keep your eyes peeled on Ebay. Thanks for the reply by the way . 😉 But I’d have a good look at the Vintage Les Pauls, they’re fantastic value. While i can afford that new guitar i will keep really enjoying my 1897 Yamaha SJ550… 😉. Beware, guitar building can become a bit of an addiction! I changed out the nut, bridge, pots, caps, knobs and it is a beast. Superb craftsmanship. So I don’t claim to sell 100% British made pickups. As to whether it’s worth fixing up, as long as the neck and frets are in good shape, definitely yes. No advantage to it whatsoever. I’m having trouble getting one.  Stick to Pacifica or freshly make a Tele-shaped one…or combine the two! My first guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 112J too. Well I can only go by personal experience but I’ve only played one Epiphone that was any good, and that was a Zakk Wylde Les Paul, the black and white cirles one. No just email me it, just the guitar track. Nightmare. You can measure all you like but if there’s buzz after measuring then the action’s wrong. And in the white 112 which has the Dimarzio Super Distortion plus the five stage boost/distortion switch. Those Mustangs are fabulous amps, seriously under-rated. Seems a bit ordinary? However, the neck was right and the frets was well preserved. How to customise (and ‘relic’) your guitar.

yamaha pacifica 112j pickups

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