Reporting shows what is happening in a business, while analysis explains why it’s happening and what can be done about it. // When the user clicks on (x), close the modal Object-Level Security [CDATA[ Embedded analytics refers to a BI solution that can be embedded into other programs to perform in-application analysis, offering features like reporting, data processing, drill-down and more from directly within the system. Responsive Web Design Document API Multi-Tenancy Support It highlights the business scenario, description of various participants, and the rules and regulations applicable to the process. case 2: Business Intelligence Report Requirement Template - Word (DOC) | Google Docs | Apple (MAC) Pages. Metadata Management and Data Catalog Which features are on your company’s BI requirements list? Powered by Interactive Visualization User-Friendly Platform Customization // Get the element that closes the modal The evaluation process starts by gathering a template of business intelligence requirements; these requirements determine what you need to look for in a vendor.