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Content ConnoisseurSteve Rice

Hobbies etc: Steve loves to take full advantage of living in the "Natural State"--Arkansas. He regularly hikes the trails in nearby State Parks and the Arkansas River Trail that winds its way through downtown Little Rock. Steve is passionate about equity, entrepreneurship and education and is an avid reader on those topics. He is active in public service as the founder of Start Here initiative which seeks to increase access to capital for underrepresented entrepreneurs in Central Arkansas. He teaches entrepreneurship and regularly speaks and consults on topics of entrepreneurship. He is currently pursuing an executive MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship. You can follow him online on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @StevenERice

Favorites: Steve likes action movies and is a Netflix House of Cards junkie. He prefers to read, however. A few favorite books are Start with Why by Simon Sinek, Creating a Social Business by Muhammad Yunus, and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. When he's not reading or binging House of Cards, you'll find him surrounded by friends at one of the many local Little Rock breweries or catching one of the lectures from the premier speaker series at the Clinton School of Public Service.

Quote: I don't really have a favorite quote--or actually, I have to many to choose just one. But I have a couple of mantras by which I live my life. "I figure it out" and "In life, no matter what happens, if you don't quit, you win."

Motivations: I'm driven by my curiosity, so that motivates me. Learning and "playing life" motivates me and keeps me moving forward. Meeting new and interesting people and learning from perspectives that I didn't have before keeps me energized.

Relationship with RMN: Working with Denise and the RMN team started with serendipity, but has grown over the years, through a joint commitment to excellence and dogged determination. This work has been and continues to be rewarding and empowering.

Steve Rice