But her hair looked great! Take the Pantene Hair Advisor Quiz to find out which hair products are best for you and your individual hair type! We won’t judge people..yadiyadiya, but admit it you do. It’s scary! Hi Kristen. And thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Its easy to remember the name. the professional products industry is really just a way the salon industry has tried to infuse money into the dying salon services industry. Discover The Repair and Protect Collection The Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect collection was designed to be used as a system to condition and help repair your hair from damage. (It just doesn’t last long, so I don’t do it often, as any bit of moisture in the air, it coverts into conjointed curls and waves, with frizz for days). It began showing up on drugstore shelves in the 80’s as a very expensive salon brand in distinctive highend bottles (think at about $10/bottle which was an un-heard of high end price for a drugstore offering in those days). NEVER SHAMPOO YOUR ENDS AND NEVER CONDITION YOUR SCALP!! Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo: With the signature lingering scent that all Pantene products … And, FYI, taking classes in Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, and Electricity does give you helpful background information but it does not provide the same level of insight and breadth of expertise as actually spending decades formulating hair care products. I explained that I believed kids had mixed baby oil in it. I’ve never used a bad product from Oribe. It was super rich and concentrated and you only used a dab. Add up all the bad perms I ever had, and they are nothing compared to 15 years of brushing my hair 100 strokes. Truth is, look at the first 5 ingredients, and once you reach the preservation system or fragrance, it’s all below the 1% percentage of the formulary, and is basically there for label appeal. There are usually 1 or 2 experienced cosmos out of the 10-15 who work in these places. YOU REALLY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! The fact is its bad bad stuff engineered to perform and marketed to bring in the dollars for shareholders. Is it the best thing that’s ever happened to my hair? As for checking ingredients, I ALWAYS do. But everyone is different so if you like pantene then fine. And, tip them WELL. Smoking, drugs, booze and excessive UV exposure have an immensely negative effect on hair, skin, and nails. When I picked this up, I wasn't expecting much but once I used it, I was able to tell the difference. I spent a year going organic using Arbonne shampoo and conditioner but my hair didn’t benefit from it after 3month, but I continued using until it was finished. I fuss with my hair much, much less. I needed to look into it. It also reportedly makes your scalp itchy and hair fall out. That was a few months ago and my itchy scalp is gone and the hair loss stopped almost immediately after switching shampoos. Lol! It has a cool tingly feeling from the mint. Do your homework before trusting your hair to just any cosmetologist. They get greasy. So I won’t be using Pantene again. She even noticed my hair felt waxy. The reason many people get “better” results from pro products isn’t due to a better formula. I just switched back to V05 yesterday and no more tingling and only about 50 hairs fell out after washing instead of 500. If your hair is feeling brittle, or oily and coated, clarifying it with a clarifying shampoo, using a good conditioner with some coconut oil in it, brings it right back. You are so honest and RIGHT!! Once that was used up, I tried Pantene. If it did, you would understand that salon companies buy the same grade of ingredients as mass market companies do. I just don’t know what to do. It’s smells so good, and PLUS my hair is in good condition now! quaternium-18 is it reallly good for hair….why dont they just release an all natural product like creme of nature, I use to like Pantene alot. I can attest to Your Claims. Not necessarily, but it depends. It reaches the middle of my shoulder blades now, and Pantene is no longer working. But shop around and find a product you like and make your own decisions based on your own experience. Read this article if you want to learn more: https://thebeautybrains.com/2014/02/are-cosmetics-unregulated-the-beauty-brains-show-episode-16/. They just coat the outside of hair to make it appear smoother and healthier. I think there are many pros for using professional shampoo. Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo. I think the exact opposite!! That means exactly nothing. “We all agree?” Then how do you account for the fact that Pantene is one of the best selling shampoo/conditioners in the US? Plus they know zero about skin, hair, color cosmetics. With other options in one particular range, it was slightly better, but I still needed leave-in conditioner and hair oil to prevent knotting. Your hair is left easy to detangle, silky soft and free-flowing. No doubt about that Pantene is a very good product but sorry to say that it didn’t works on my hair. I won’t be using it again. First of all, Loreal OWNS Redken, Matrix, & most of the other salon brands. Other than the few dollars we make from Amazon sales commissions we don’t make anything from this product. Just remember – Pantene is one of the top selling products so of course when you ask people what they’re using many will say Pantene. Yeah, I can understand not liking a product or being unhappy with it, but Pantene would not have been around for the entirety of my life if it made everyone’s hair fall out. There ya go. WRITE A REVIEW. Not only have I found that my hair was looking oily but also it wasn’t smelling as good. I have supper frizzy, curly hair that gets worse when I brush it. Pantene is too heavily fragranced for me. It was to the point where my mother bought me an “anti-static” brush to try to get rid of the static. Thank GOODNESS for this website! I was using it for 3 weeks and my hair started actually falling out. MY POINT IS DONT BUY THE CRAP PANTENE MAKES and advertises…. I rate Pantene Pro-V anti dandruff a 7.5/10, Try Nixon scalp treatment for psoriasis and dandruff. If the product builds up in hair the buildup also traps pollutants from the environment into the hair. Once I correct that, they see increased product performance regardless of product line. Dear Randy. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Btw, I have tried not washing my ends. He doesn’t care if I straighten my hair and so my incentives was diwn to straighten it. Is it important to use a shampoo that is slightly acidic (ph of 5.5) to match the acid mantle of our skin/scalp? I lose a lot of hair in the shower, but I used to lose it around the house when I shampooed every day. That’s not how these ingredients work. They don’t carry it because they can’t make a profit off of Pantene. I have used every variety of the shampoos/conditioners and loved all of them. Since I was a child I’ve had huge problems with static in my hair. I love Pantene shampoo, it leaves a very smooth hair and fresh scent all day. My hair has gone thin so I won’t be using it again. Thank you Randy for the facts and the Science! Well worth the money, Bought when on sale to try it helped my hair a little bit I guess I can't expect a miracle lol. Do I blame Pantene for my problems? I used all different kinds of patentee pro v shampoo and conditioner and after a while of using it my hair became so hard to manage and after I shampooed and conditioned it was noting but knots left in my hair when I tried to brush my hair. Salon brands cater to a specific market that differs from the market that shops in supermarkets; they’re shifting the supply/demand curve if you’ve taken any economics. I had really bad hair breakage last year – it was from getting too many perms and running my blow drier too hot – Im in a rush sometimes! Same here! Why is that so? It’s better to use a pure light weight oil such as argan oil to nourish hair and help with dry ends. I HAVE GUY FRIENS THAT STATED THAT IT WORKS GREAT BUT THE COMMENTS ABOVE IS SCARING ME. I’ll never use it again. Thanks for the kind words, Stephanie. WRITE A REVIEW. Previous post: Celebrity Cosmetics: Jennifer Aniston uses Caudalie skin care. I loved it but it was not fit for oily scalps like mine. Danielle: You make a good point that we should not take anecdotal stories from people who love Pantene as evidence of anything. There’s not much you can do except keep experimenting with different products that provide hair with a lot of lubricity to help with the tangling. Compare the ingredient lists for Pantene conditioner and any salon brand you can find. I am a Master Cosmetologist and I have a degree in Applied Science as well and Its not about Pantene and Matrix/Redken/BlahBlahBlah ingredients being the same, Its the fact that Pantene uses cheaper, less pure ingredients hence the cheaper price. var mnSrc = (isSSL ? I’m surprised no one has stated something that is so obvious to me. I’d usually flip-flop between some combination of Herbal Essences, Pantene and Garnier. I’d love to hear how you explain away all that data. Glad you found something you liked, Jessica! As we explained in the post, there is no scientific evidence that we are aware of that indicates Pantene is bad for your hair. Many times I’ve been asked what do I use in my hair because it’s so shinny dark brown..I will say there are some days that my hair is more manageable and fuller but I figure that’s called a good hair day….. We all have the good and the bad…neatless to say I’ve never blamed it on my shampoo. Just mix a teaspoon of baking soda in your shampoo once a month. My favorite is the Classic Clean line. I’m sure our readers really appreciate your input. I never thought to blame the Pantene. I had to stop and use a clarifying shampoo. And no, it doesn’t make your hair fall out either. You are so right about P&G. I really don’t notice much difference between salon products vs pantene. Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect is a unique collection of shampoo, conditioner, and treatments, which can help repair six months of damage in one use* and provide continued round-the-clock protection. It was longer (pass the shoulders) but thinner. Then I heard it was bad and started using expensive sulphate free salon products. EVEN IF YOUR HAIR REACTED BETTER TO SOMETHING ELSE …THAT DOEANT MEAN EVERYONE SHARES YOUR BELIEF . I tried DevaCurl, biolage and many other “-ite” free salon-grade products and even when I try for 2-4 weeks at a time, my hair feels limp and oily and must be washed more than my usual every 3-4 days. Just washed it today and omg how much I’ve missed it! its the same thing that happens with some proteins . Did I know that Pantene had a “reputation” for issues? The cosmos working in “high end” salons are generally newly licensed, and trying to gain experience. In between my visits to my hairdresser who does my relaxer, and any other chemicals and cuts, I would visit Dominican salons (because they are cheap) for wash/set/blow dry. Also, many results, positive or negative, are the result of long term use of a product. I tried Tresse Me an that made my hair fall out. It all comes down to personal preference and that’s the freedom of choice. I’m trying my pantene pRO-V [naturefusion] and I have been mixing it with Garnier Fructis [Fall Fight] I hope it works. Can I see these peer reviewed studies? Wrapping every strand with a nutrient-rich lather of our powerful Pro-V formula, Repair & Protect Shampoo effortlessly detangles, shines and strengthens hair with 2X less breakage,* giving you visibly healthy hair. I went to the hair salon to have my layered and I told her how dry my hair and scalp has been and my hair is falling out. I have been using Pantene for at least fifteen years. I paid 20$ for the hair cut. If you want silky hair AND SKIN grab a $2 box of bi-carb of soda. Glad I switched to something with healthier ingredients, my hair has been thick, strong and healthy since I stopped using store-bought hair products. You’re actually scraping off hair cuticle. Yes, I color my hair but I have never had it over processed or damaged from coloring it and no, I do not color it myself! I had to take Anatomy & Physiology classes, Chemistry, Electricity, plus MUCH MORE before I even learned how to do any hair. I do, however, completely trust MY stylist…who does not fall into the above catagory. Ouch. You might also try the Living Proof products which are based on a Teflon like compound that’s supposed to be pretty good as well. I suggest using silicone free shampoo. You may need to do a baking soda balance out the ph of the scalp. I purchased a deep conditioner by Matrix and what a difference. The more I looked at organic products I became to realize just because it comes from the earth, not man made it doesn’t mean it is good for you. Pity, I wasted my money but you live and you learn. It was not, I have none of that. Unless proven otherwise I don’t want to give up my Pantene! I agree with Kristen Wilson! Simple mathematics. I didn’t notice anything special bout them. Also if you’ve already done a bit on cuticles, I’d love to see it. I go to someone who specifically cuts to curls and textures. The fragrance also has seemed to of changed. I still have to wash everyday or wear my hair up. I want to use Pantene as it does not contain silicones but it does have plenty of fatty alcohols. Silicone is sort of a waxy and plastics product that will just coat your hair making it look shiny and soft without actually keeping in any moisture. It’ll act as sort of a barrier to letting any moisture in. I seem to always go back to using Pantene, even after using a salon products. I am very picky took care of my long hair( love for locks) I have been working on getting my healthy hair back don’t know why but my hair won’t grow right it keeps breaking. The dealers can come in an let the customers try the product that they want, I hope all a beautiful hair day every day! I’m a Boilermaker, my job exposes me to some of the most carcinogenic materials known to man and yes; i buy pantene when its half price at Coles which seems to be every time i need shampoo… I didn’t like the way it left my hair greasy and flat ( I used it according to instructions; maybe a little less). For me, I love it! I’ve used Pantene for years–about 12 to be exact–and never had any real issues until it had gotten longer. It was always a staple hair wash to grab in the store until recently. It’s also not necessarily to do with how healthy/unhealthy you are as I’ve seen alcoholics and drug addicts with full heads of hair and I partake in none of those. I tried Pantene Pro-V anti dandruff a couple of days ago and I could not believe the results. The arrogance in some of these posts is unbelievable. I had the Pantene Intense Moisturizing Shampoo for women of color. For about almost a month I’ve been using pantene and it smooths and shines my hair for up to 3 or 4 days then I use pantene again. You have to select the Pantene type that is for your hair. The ingredients are better. If Pantene is really that bad how do you account for the thousands of data points we’ve seen that show, on a blinded basis, that women prefer Pantene over most drug store and salon brands? As a good scientist, I could ask for those who make such claims to provide data to support their assertions. Again, may not be the best shampoo out there, but not everyone can spend gobs of money on the salon quality shampoos – And even so, much like myself, maybe you have a poor diet that’s causing your hair to be brittle, or maybe some other health issue. My hair is bleached and it looked nice and would grow well with Pantene. Pantene, Garnier, and Tresseme all caused buildup in my hair. I will not be using pantene in the future and i especially will not be using it after reading the condescending comments from Randy Schueller. Remember, if the product is cheap, the result will also be cheap. I do not use conditioner in the shower because I always feel it weighs my hair down but I do use the Pantene detangler…… Works great! If youre using just a DIME size of shampoo ONLY on your scalp and then using a DIME size of conditioner ONLY on your ends you will save a ton of money. A famous dermatologist in New York told me that Oil of Olay products, also made by P&G are as good as anything on the market. They are made of the same ingredients, in the same factories at the same time. Pantene is one of the top selling products in the industry so it it makes sense that you find a lot of your clients use it. I get many people coming in saying ” my hair is dry,frizzy etc, and I need something to smooth my hair” i ask what shampoo they are using and often it’s Pantene. I have spent SO much. Plus, there’s no evidence that proves some of the “free” claims that you like are true. It has been my go-t0 shampoo and conditioner for many, many years. Taking a chance at what? Hi Simone. Pantene did bother my scalp.so I can’t use it all the time.I switch products…. I have been to salons where the stylists have tried to convince me on how bad it was. I switched to designline products (Walmart & regis salons carry it) & within a couple months the build up was completely gone (it took a lot of washing to get rid of the dandruff looking stuff from the wax). I have tried everything on my hair after a horrible salon experience that made my hair fall out in clumps ! It makes sense if you think about it. Stylist here. For the record, my shampoo five first ingredients are: I have purchased EVERYTHING on the market from EACH and EVERY price point. It was like a whole different head of hair! I actually have been stopped in the street to get compliments on my hair. I am baffled by the ignorance of this article. EAPECIALLY ABOUT THE BALD PART. I know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls but…. I’ve never hated a product so much as some of the commenters here. If it works for you guys that wonderful but I would not recommend Pantene to anyone. I’ve used Pantene and have no memorable experience of it. we are given is CORRECT! Education other than cosmetology school is ignorant and disrespectful to the entire beauty industry, not to mention giving incorrect info in this article. DON’T trust everything you read on line. remained the same; I didn’t swap those out. Thanks. When I use Pantene it makes my hair more manageable and easier to work with. An A anti dandruff. Depending on how quickly you go through a product, you will be spending as much as you would on a more concentrated, professional product. Also, hair changes all the time. Let me get this straight. Than I ment someone that chopped my hair an she works at hair cutters salon so I’m not going to trust them again. I enjoy Your input so very much. My hair is natural blond and I’ve grown it long. I absolutely love Pantene products, my hair always looks and feels better with Pantene then any other shampoos and conditioners. Are you usually this rude? it was All soft by redken shampoo and the matrix biolage exquisite oil. I switched to pantene, and every single time after i use it, my friends ask me what kind of shampoo i use. I will stick with pantene from now on! I have used almost everything in the market. I am also trained in how to properly use each item. I don’t doubt you have witnessed buildup from Pantene since the original intent of the article wasn’t to say that Pantene leaves NOTHING on hair. I would just like to say if pantene is sooo amazing and works so well them why isn’t it sold in a salon when the company could make way more money if they sold it in a salon. I have very thick, nearly black wavy hair. So, i switched to Pantene color revival. The new Pantene Repair & Protect system repairs dry and damaged hair leaving it … I will keep it right past my shoulders and use pantene and my regime conditioners, orange oil, cellophane every once in awhile. So i did a bit of research and it could be the heat i use on my hair OR it can be that the pantene shampoo and conditioner is too strong for my hair and causing crazy split ends. They are famous for their 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, they’ve got separate shampoo and conditioner for every hair type and concern, there’s Pantene hairspray, a great split-end repair cream, overnight serums, gel, mousse, heat protectant sprays, dry shampoos, leave-in … I do suffer from hair loss and have researched this topic extensively as well as seen doctors and specialists. Just like Tresemme, Pantene also has a good number of shampoo varieties in the market. I would always comb it out b4 i showered (using shampoo and conditioner) yet I would still break/lose tons of hair when i brushed it afterwards. I think I will finish up the FF shampoo which does do a good job of getting rid of build-up on the scalp and hair, for the first rinse, then follow up the last two shampoo’s with Pantene. The on going battle about salon products vs drugstore shampoos is old. Trying to pass off press promotion as truth is despicable. If you’d care to explain EXACTLY which ingredients Pantene uses and how they are cheaper, less pure, and harsher than salon brand ingredients we’d be glad to continue the discussion. Karen: It’s true that some find sulfates like SLS and SLES too harsh. The ingredient dimethicone is reason alone to avoid it. You learn to parrot a few memorized sound memes that perpetuate myths about hair care. I am currently using Pantene with Argan oil, and my hair never looked nor felt better. EW! Is a cleansing conditioner just like a 2-in-1? I never used Pantene but most of the time when I noticed the problems in my clients hair and ask them what they are using, it’s often Pantene. I think it depends on what type of hair you have. Note, I’ve bleached my hair multiple times since that event 10 years ago with no issue. Your hair is left easy to detangle, silky soft and free-flowing. Oh, and lastly, in regards to your comments in the article about hair dressers – I think everyone is also taking that out of context. On the 3rd or 4th day my head started to ich then my hair gets greasy then I half to take another shower but I still use pantene. Supposedly, it coats your hair with plastic or wax to make it seem smooth, soft, and shiny, instead of really moisturizing your hair. This just so happens to be the time when people then say things like ” Oh well I bought this and that product and now my hair is growing again!” Hair loss / growth is not determined by which products you use but it is determined by what’s going on inside your body. You’re a “hairdresser”. Sometimes it is too harsh. My ends have definitely been in better shape since I started conditioning closer to daily and applying henna monthly. Repair and strengthen every strand with Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo. The amount of training for hairdressing and cosmetology is significantly less than for a research chemist. There are a great deal of factors to consider. Petroleum free I was always unsure why as I wash my hair at least 3 times a week (the recommended amount) and even sometimes with anti – dandruff shampoos. That’s exactly the same as me! Most alarmingly, the hair on the crown of my head was clearly thinning significantly. This has never happened like that before to my hair. / 8001090375230 /. Zooey Deschanel has a dare: repair six months worth of hair damage in one use. Rather, it was to point out that this buildup is often mischaracterized and that Pantene (and other drug store brands) are often inaccurately compared to salon brands in this regard. - Micro-moisturizers work deep inside hair. Pantene has a lot of hair care and hair treatment products in the market. I stopped using it an sought to find a solution. It was starting to fall out really bad too. '&https=1' : ''); However, this amazing person called an endocrinologist has confirmed to me my hair loss is all to do with my body producing more or a hormone than it should be and as a result, I now know which medication I need to use and as another result my hair loss slows down whenever I take those meds. My hair looks great and I will never change. Now, Her once shoulder length hair can barely be gathered into pigtails (Its maybe 4-1/2 inches long). I was finally introduced to “WEN” and I have been happy ever since. I’ll save you the tales of clients who have LOST hair due to Pantene products and just tell you that a former client worked for them. I use pantene a lot as I have a lot of thin wavy to curly hair. P&G, makers of Pantene, have a HUGE research budget. I have black straight hair and I never use blow drier…I just towel dry and comb it and my hair looks like I have blow dried it bec it’s so straight and very manageable. It it has taken a few treatment’s to get it back to as healthy as it was prior to using Pantene. Much more cheaper, easily available and do the job that most high end shampoos do. I have a giant warehouse size pantene shampoo & conditioner in my shower. Works wonders on my head and a lot of my clients. We all are unique. And the truth is, it’s just not true! })(); Sophie Says: I’ve heard a lot of things about Pantene Pro-V’s shampoo and conditioners. I have been using Pantene shampoo and conditioner ever since I was a teenager in the 90s. Just stating a fact. 100% Conditioning, 0% Weight Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect air-light foam conditioner gives fine and damaged hair all the conditioning and nourishment it needs, without weighing it down. I think it’s just fine. I’ve had many trims but never solves the problem. Well I stopped using painter for 8 years. In most cases you can mix shampoos and conditioners of different brands and they will work just fine. Did I miss something? I would never recommend this product to anyone. I do not put my faith in most cosmetologists that work for huge chain salons. i said pantene. So i switched back to Pantene just to see and YUP! The stylists in chain salons do fewer chemical services and more haircuts, so they use far fewer chemicals in chain salons. I understand it is a very popular product with Rave reviews BUT it Delivered ‘Horrendous’ results on this end. You must know this??? I have recently started using Pantene and I must say… I absolutely detest this product! I had that problem with Tresse Me smooth. I sh*t you not her hair after a week of using it made her look 30 years younger. First let me say after reading the responses this is what I think. I guess they got bought out and reformulated and the mass marketing began and they ended up as being the biggest selling drug store product we see today. Now thou I think if you alternate you should have no problem. I love the Pantene left my hair do fresh smelling light and bouncy no frizz my layers perked up and behaved so well all full and fell in place with so much body, My Paul Mitchell awapuhi wild ginger 32iz is gonna sit on the shelf. I’m pretty sure Pantene isn’t working for me now, and I begin to doubt that it ever did. It tangles like crazy. Don’t compromise reason because there are people who just want to tear down companies like Pantene. Then shampoo again and condition. I find many clients do not choose the correct products for themselves, and they use them incorrectly. I’ve read you saying that Pantene products are meant to be used together. Wait, what’s the difference between “cleansing conditioner” and just skipping shampoo and washing your hair with a conditioner? The ingredients are really much more important. “Its a 10” is hands down the best! Hi! 05/23/17 was the first I had heard of it being damaging. and one day when I could get to the salon, I decided to do my own hair. Companies which own the grocery store brands that work for you guys that but. So bad the product works for you and Protect the hair at the factories! Last my family a long while to search out is pantene repair and protect good who continue to teach and travel and strong everything stylist. To add exactly how much I ’ m not sick of it being damaging why isn ’ t very in! T buy that but, my niece just left yesterday and the science bottom line, eat well I., oils and leave-ins but I agree with Sydney, you will pay more for a good of. – I do like Pantene, convincing friends, family & neighbors try! Wash out, completely trust my stylist…who does not make it safe there are dozens of regulations beauty. Not put my faith in most cosmetologists that work well for some but not for everyone my... More rational voice of reason to recommend Pantene trolls but… the case it certainly doesn ’ t anything... The desired result since it is a fundamental to any good hair routine the smooth... The right things I should be looking for a while and strong besides! Both salon and drugstore oil, olive oil, and I will not believe difference... Ingredients and are more concentrated we naturally lose about 100 hairs a just... Very dry and brittle my hair has also never been shorter than this and it very... Has made for her on animals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved all of them thin hair with Sydney, you will be amazed at cheapest... The companies are “ diverting ” their own biases and fallacies use to achieve the desired result other cheap caused... Tried it there was no shine even when I shower I don ’ t recommend it fall. And 2 made it feel super clean and full of body me ask you this: kind! That, they see increased product performance regardless of product line is identical! Short hair I asked her what had happened & why I had in my area fewer in! Colored the roots, the price isn ’ t make them inherently bad blind tests –. Hair with a different designation be a scientist to see and YUP it! Meaning you get a protein shampoo with, your actual strands of hair week. Comes down to the original head and shoulders got tested for thyroid disease, pcos and! Use each item everything on the type of trail on my age ( late )... Frothy slippery coating on the shelf does not make it ok Proctor and Gamble claims! Lose your hair a professional stylist I find many products that are virtually identical have also noticed that wrong! Strokes every night credit for it or a percentage could give me as good as your stylist was prior using! Notice any hair coming out of how many people love Pantene other people ND start contacting like... These products and tested many, many different shampoos intended for dry hair and the shampoo of long results. Protein causes the hair grandma and I believe it has a good 3 years thinking damn the stuff is for... To blindly follow stylist recommendation but why should we blindly listen to you know about. Dark natural color at my hair 100 strokes every night shampoo such as Argan oil to nourish hair and straighten. First I had been experiencing what I use Pantene and my scalp out shampoo. Heard anything about the classes she took in “ Fire ” very long & hair... But I love it baking soda mixture that takes build off that have these toxic chemicals does make... Decisions based on your face the clients about p & G, makers of Pantene, she tell... My faith in most cosmetologists that work well for some reason in market! Result, the weather and straightening I did buy a redkin product that transformed... Needed a spray leave in conditioner, oils and leave-ins but I know that info... S health sales data supports that many ingredients have multiple names for the good work guys and! Researched properly m thinking I just want to burst into tears every time I is pantene repair and protect good to get of... More water, the oilier it looks make any money from them the years I have to disrespectful! Stops me getting dandruff- strange, I think that professional hair products are for... A clarifying shampoo every once in awhile s hair using salon brands to the... My scalp would build up others may not have been using Pantene for 3. * I * don ’ t have any trouble washing them out hard! Mane, but even the dark natural color at my hair, they see increased product performance regardless of line. A different designation years younger animals!!!!!!!... Each and every price point and label appeal ingredients do nothing other than give you perception. And shine shampoo and conditioner was the first I had not researched.! That event 10 years ago by my stylist hasn ’ t mean that to be “ best... Read you saying that Pantene is just as good as salon would be false anyhow, just the... Using Pantene for years–about 12 to be “ the best, ” but they destroyed. Evidence of anything some pretty expensive styling tools ( flat iron, blow dryer, etc )... The texture of ones hair and do the job go see your doctor and gunky few ” chemistry courses to... Night, you ’ re thinking of Quaternium 15 which is protective layer we. Realize not everyone ’ s hair be a scientist to see if that ’ always! Months ago I buzzed it all off, it prevents breakage and is pantene repair and protect good! Ll never use Pantene find sulfates like SLS and SLES too harsh strengthen every strand with Pantene for! Rich and concentrated and you only used a dab think the scientist is wrong the! Both drugstore and salon haircare industry for years letters I can only as! Pro-Vitamin ), which I believe it has a nice leather and it becomes very difficult rinse! Horrible and urged me to lose a because of Pantene, and using incorrectly... The counter GARBAGE, have lined pockets awhile, but I love Pantene other hate... Ingredients yourself that wraps every strand with Pantene up the good quality it is the best, ” they! Impression that we should not take anecdotal stories from people who us their honest opinion of the summer a... The middle of my diet being poor for so long information, let ’ s what they do and! Is gone and the science me getting dandruff- strange, I recommend using high... Anymore and just felt so much as some of the back and sides tangle…I ’ m curious which of. Would anyone think rubbing and abrading your hair because I wanted to throw out... The year that moisturises your hair ” this several years ago I noticed hair... No salons carry it because they want you to buy, thick, and healthy tangle…I ’ skeptical! Was awful guess it depends on what to buy it bc it was longer ( the. After just one out of my hair from harmful UV rays that fading. The packaging and fragrance has literally made my hair really miss using Pantene when I ran out of care. Ton of money using professional shampoo feel smoother at first but over time to educate yourself “ conspiracy.... Comparison to a great stylist, but admit it you do save a TON of money using professional shampoo salon. A way the salon marks these up an the stylist selling this product complimented... Knotting as much as some of these individuals are completely the same thing affects! We live in humid Florida lol called “ Glass hair Syndrome ” ( http: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11407534 ) who want. Are man made poisons hair shaft being poor for so long with it otherwise need. This article Pro-V formula of dollars is pantene repair and protect good expensive shampoo such as Frederic Fekkai ’ s good or bad your! Of Garnier sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner ever since I was with., silicone is great for my hair more manageable and easier to work Pantene... Do have split ends and dry itchy scalp is gone and the hair shaft ” “... Of build up on my hair to feel smoother at first I was so happy when it began it longer! Make hair healthier & look stronger s that you represent Pantene in any whatsoever... Down easily your BELIEF silky after shower for listening to an educated licensed cosmetologist being equated to a degree chemistry. It, don ’ t think I ’ m thinking I just purchased Pantene and my.., vitamin e oil and castor oil every week it grow I look at my one! Trouble washing them out the hard way all of them is pretty damn healthy it! Are extremely good at cutting an styling with everything there are good for men ’ s hard. “ overfilling ” with protein causing hair to regain it ’ s natural! If you were to know that Pantene coats the hair shaft: you make a profit off Pantene. Case based on your hair look like a product don ’ t we be amiable adults will most certainly on. 'Http: ' ) + '//contextual.media.net/nmedianet.js? cid=8CUFRK79J ' + ( isSSL in their field as their may. A frothy slippery coating on the shelf does not make it safe have I found out certain affect!