The chocolate Donettes don’t have the cakey flavor they used to either. When I heard they were going out of business, I stocked up on them. Thanks Chris! Knowing how I loved the old Hostess pies, my wife bought me a new apple one. I then googled “hostess pies taste different.” And here I am. I have had Entenmann’s minis as of October 2020 and they are decent. So when I tried it the other night, I attributed it’s dismal taste to the fact that is was the lemon flavor–which I’d not tried before.. Well, I opened my apple one tonight, I took a couple of bites and threw it away. I had bought an apple pie the other day and bleck, they just don’t taste the same anymore. If you ever ate many fried pies you know what I'm talking about. Amen to that .. I chatted the clerk at one store and he said people keep bringing them back claiming they got a defective one, wanting a correct replacement. These are basically exactly like the classic coconut-leaning Crunch Donettes but with cinnamon, which makes them automatically better, and feel much more authentic to a real donut than a gas station pick-me-up. 3 donuts (53g) Nutrition Facts. Duh. I’ve eaten a couple of these new phony ones, maybe three or four hoping that maybe I just got a rare bad one, and just kept hoping, and I finished all of them only because my older brother and me, were drilled about never wasting food. Bring back the original pie Hostess! Not wasting any more money. You see, I had become a snack picking expert. Couldn’t agree more. Just tried the hostess cherry pie, the cherry pies I’ve been eating for 25 years, and it was absolutely god awful! I have never had a lemon one before. I couldn’t believe it. As a kid the filling had actual cherries in it. This is a child that asks for very little and does not show extremes of emotion. What are they smokin’?? Dip both sides of each cooled donut in the warm honey, and then press firmly into the crunch topping on all sides so the topping adheres before placing on the wire rack. The new hostess fruit pies suck! I switched to JJ’s Fried Pies about 2 years ago. I have been eating my beloved hostess apple pies for 30 years. My memories of the golden years of Hostess will have to suffice…. “Back in the day”, baked items such as this could only be on the shelf for a few day at best. Yes! pre bankruptcy drakes was my replacement as the changes made by hostess actually improved them in my tastes at least. THe cherry seems better than the apple but both are in the ballpark. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. People buying Hostess know their Hostess. Maybe that is the new owner’s ultimate goal which is awfully nice of them. I wish they start making them like they used to again. They taste like the old hostess pies!!! The Hostess Lemon Pie and its arch nemesis the Hostess Blueberry Pie have played a huge part in my life considering they are the cornerstones of the best essay I’ve ever written (“The Lemon…or the Blueberry” ‘best comback in the history of ever!’… i just about BARFED when I read that. The donuts have metallic specs all over them and hurt our stomachs. I really enjoyed the cherry variety but would switch it up with the apple version from time to time. The glazing is wrong, too. Start by cutting the disc in half, then half again and so on until you have the number you desire, 4, 6 or 8 scones. I have decide to drop Hostess from my shopping list permanently. They are awful!! We used to go shopping and Dyersburg. Today, the box I bought, evey single one had a gaping hole in the celephane. (Zinger people know what I’m talking about) lol. I would like to think my old favorite, the cherry one would be better but I don’t want to gamble my money to try one. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I’M WRITING THIS!!!! I was addicted to lemon and Apple Hostess pies but now they are total crap. I even found some mini pies at Walmart. Sure miss the good ole’ days!!!! I’m not crazy, lol!! I think if I chewed on a rubber glove for a while, I’d be more satisfied than by eating a hostess pie. It boggles my mind that those pies continue to sell. 1.99 for yor product,i will never purchase them again.northford ,ct. The Hostess pies are not the same as they use to be. Now back to the good news! Guess they don’t know the simple fact that when you ditch quality, you also ditch customers. but then i arrived home sat down in front of some tv program i couldnt remember, with my favorite lemon pie. Opening the tall white bag it’s no surprise I’m greeted by a sweet wafting cinnamon sugar smell that is fresh and lovely. To learn more, and to see a full list of cookies we use, check out our COOKIE POLICY (baked goods not included). from hostess is Aldi’s Baker’ s Treat pies. it tasted really close and had real fruit in it also. MAKE QUALITY PASTRIES. So, even a fried pie that in the past would be on the shelf for a few days, is on the shelf for a week or two. That’s right, Hostess have put a spicy spin on their tasty crunch mini donuts, and to be honest it’s such an obvious twist I can’t believe this hasn’t already been done. Try a Canadian made Hostess Twinkie. Velveeta cheese, Miracle Whip just to mention a couple of things. I don’t think that it’s simply that they’re not the same, it’s also that our taste buds have learned to realize the difference between a pastry with so much preservatives that it tastes like cardboard compared to a real pastry dough. My favorite during the change (when there was no Hostess): Skip breakfast, hope for a better lunch. With a horrible after-taste that coated my tounge. Life's an adventure and I'm exploring it everyday! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Saddened yes. I have to agree that the Cherry pie is nothing when compared with the former pie, which was packed full of a tart and sweet filling that was very tasty. Mrs. Bairds chocolate covered donuts are much closer to the original Hostess than the new Hostess is. The new versions have less than half the calories (due to smaller size), but are NOT the dried out husks the full sized versions have become. They are decent. I truly feel duped by the hype. It was thin and smooshy and I left that gross thing right there in the store. What a shame. I noticed the Twinkies are smaller now than they used to be too. I guess they don’t go to the store much as Little Debbie is a big seller. I’ve found that “Mrs Freshleys” brand is almost a dead-ringer for the old school Hostess pies. > New was less sweet As a weekly host and attendee of Cinnasluts Anonymous meetings I’m always on the hunt for new ways to get my fix. Have’nt ever seen the Hostess Pies for sale up here. wasnt gonna let this pie thing get away from me i said to myself. This is ridiculous and SO way off. Very disappointing, why would they change something that was so successful for so long? It was thick and hard! They use to be my favorite too. This new food philosophy has worked out well for my diet because it keeps my calories in check week after week and I don't have to worry about monitoring my weight that closely. Make the Donuts: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly mist a donut pan with nonstick spray. So disappointed again. The apple pie tasted gluey to me (if that makes sense) and it was a pitiful amount of filling compared to the amount of chewy (not the desired crispy) crust there was. Yesterday, I noticed some Hostess Peach Pies on the Walmart shelf. Make the crumb topping: Mix the brown sugar, granulated sugar, and cinnamon together in a medium … These are definitely not the donettes of old! Calories in Mini Donuts based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Mini Donuts. Clearly there needs to be a class action lawsuit against them since they can’t file bankruptcy again. I bought hostess cupcakes – GROSS! I was so excited … and so she gave it to me as a gift! Did the first batches of the new pies not have any icing on the crust? They took a longer time to appear in stores than the other Hostess imposters, and they were nothing like I remember. I’ve tried a “new” cherry pie twice over the past six months. I was in grade school back in the 60s and Hostess was my FAVORITE brand. 2 teaspoons nutmeg. They were 10 cents each back then. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. There’s no way on this earth you could have had a the pies before and say the current ones are even close in quality. - Sigh. They were also the most successful donut I ever made the few times I tried going from scratch at home, and as a result they will forever hold a special place in my heart. Poor things. Get it together Hostess. I decided to risk a fruit pie today that I have walked by countless times on the shelf, only not trying because I thought it was a cheap alternative. I believe everything like this is going down hill due to all the preservatives added to get a longer shelf life. I buy anything that looks like Donette gems and so far haven’t been dissatisfied. Did someone else buy them out? Delicious fruit filling. I grew uploving the Hostess Pies as a kid in the 70s and 80s. If it’s almost a month until the expiration date, you’re probably good. I used to love hostess cherry pies. Now, I think bread routes are weekly. The snack aisle is dead to me, in the land of tastykake I would jump on a hostess when I saw it, now I don’t even want to look at them they have changed so much from my childhood /teen/ and young adult memories…more than 10-12 years ago was teh last I remember a Good hostess product as I remembered them from childhood. Trace “truth”‘s email address, is it from Hostess HQ? Jump ahead about 40 years and Hostess has basically collapsed in terms of quality. The frosting crumbled off about as fast as the cake fell apart. I called it my personal “Breakfast of Champions”. I think I now understand what all those Star Wars fanatics mean when they complain about the prequels, I’m glad to know I’m not alone when it comes to these feelings of terrible injustice . I can’t see how garbage like this won’t hurt their sales and make them up the quality a bit. Sigh…..I was afraid this might be the case. So disappointed in the new products and can’t see them lasting very long. I used to be over the moon for these things but now they’re awful! hostess was the brand of trust in my opinion. I don’t get how such a huge company that literally sold the most popular well known snack in the world, shut down to begin with, and now some idiots take over and are supposed to have all the same recipes as hostess did, Let cool a minute, and then use a knife to ease the donuts … If they need to increase the price to cover real sugar and better grade, more natural ingredients, then ok. My hunch is processing. My father ran a route for Bond Bakery and made the same route daily. If Hostess has changed all their products I hope they are not long in business or they go back to the original recipes. Classifieds - Post Your Classifieds For Free. A little smashed in the center. I threw mine away also. Other options New from $16.95. I mean, it’s grayish. I put a lemon pie in his lunch, and got a call not long after he was into his lunch and he said, he was so disappointed in Hostess and they should be ashamed of themselves! I also miss Blueberry!!! I just bit into a Hostess apple pie (in a box) that was stale on the outside and tasted like the box it was in. I’m not sure how they’ll stay in business if something doesn’t change. I tried the chcoclate cupcakes and was very disappointed. I have now picked up the mini donettes twice and each time, to my disgusting surprise, they are chocolate on the inside. They need to get it together. Not only had they become my 3 o'clock snack but I'd combine them with frozen yogurt in the evening and that would be my dinner! We ate 3 out of of one of the big bags (11.25 oz) and tossed the rest in the trash. Tried the frosted donettes tonight and same thing… just tasted like waxy cheap chocolate. This very morning the stars aligned and the Gods looked upon us, for I found a section filled with newly delivered Hostess products including the infamous apple pies! The only product of theirs I liked and would enjoy as a guilty pleasure was the mini donuts (white). Crumb Cake Donut Dunkin' Donuts 1 doughnut 380 calories 46 grams carbs 20 grams fat 4 grams protein 1 grams fiber 25 mg cholesterol 9 grams saturated fat 330 mg sodium 25 … Pies are definitley different than before. I noticed they were smaller as well. I noticed Hostess Apple Pie “my favourite” are not the same as they were maybe 15 years ago… a total disappointed, but this story has a happy ending… I was at Dollar Tree the other day and I noticed they had Little Debbie Apple Pies in a paper bag (kinda like the old Hostess used to be packaged like) and I thought….. ok let’s give it a try…. its horrible, hostesss was my favorite hands down. I’ve had many of the Hostess flavours, and berry was my favourite for most of my life, but truth be told, I could or can get a better berry pie from just about any bakery than what I’ve ever tasted in one of those little pies. As I arrived home I was met by my crumb cruncher that had been asking when we would be able to find her a Hostess apple pie. After I began remembering stuffing my trap with the cherry pies when I was a kid watching. Low and behold, the crust is now flaky and has that sugar like coating it once did before. soft gooey crust, color was all worng. I wonder if our Hostess driver is running over them with a truck before he brings them in? The pies are just different. I would like to share my opinion about the Zingers though. > New was less syrupy That decision was terrible.. And now, being hooked on Mrs. Baird’s white bread, can’t find them here in Moore/So. I’m so disappointed. I have tried all of them and they suck! I’ll have to track one down and try it! your pies are frozen and cakes,why and cost more than before,why. Just plain old nasty. They supposedly have many more (chemical) ingredients and a longer shelf life. If I knew who those profit whore bastards were I’d burn their houses down. I found a pie that reminds me of the old Hostess Fruit Pies, especially the Apple Pies. I can’t figure out who’s buying and eating them? Hostess Maple Glazed Mini Donettes. Nov 12, 2020 - All Hostess cakes, pies, donuts, etc... See more ideas about hostess cakes, hostess, donuts. At first I thought they faked their retirement.. but after doing some research I now realize that the company switched hands. I purchased the lemon pies and Twinkies. These are boxes of individually wrapped half sized and now square pies that come in a package of 6. I don’t know why these items have changed, but it is noticeable to those of us that grew up with these products. They had just released the chocolate cake variety right before they went belly up. We both noticed they weren’t as good at the same time. The yellow cake and chocolate cake. omg -I thought maybe I just got a couple stale pies! I’ve seen the Ding Dongs recently at Walmart in Texas. Yes, a new company purchased them and I think they lost the original recipes. Product Of Hostess, Donettes Mini Crunch Donut, Count 10 (4 oz) - Cakes & Muffins / Grab Varieties & Flavors 4.0 out of 5 stars 6 $26.00 $ 26 . Die another day. Calorie breakdown: 38% fat, 59% carbs, 4% protein. if you get a chance taste for yourself you will be glad. I’m 46 now. I have often longed for those since but dared not buy one. There wasn’t any. I googled “Hostess Fruit Pies not the same” and found this site. Thicker glazed crust. I have tried the Powdered Sugar Donettes, Twinkies and Ho Ho’s – Every single one tastes different. Its just Twinkies, King Dons and some sort of coconut cupcake that i cant remember the name of. Wow! And the filling in both the cupcakes and zingers was awful…almost marshmallowy? Every now and then I’ll buy some treat that I liked as a kid and wow here is another item gone. More crust than filling. The cake was dry and lacked the rich chocolate flavor I remember. The chocolate is equally bad. I know Phil!! In fact they seemed squishy and not one had that distinguishable bloat. The new ones have a crust that’s browner and tastes different, and so little filling that my first bite rarely contains any (just dry, wrong-tasting crust). If so, what happened to following their recipe? The label said better tasting and better crust. What happened to the Ding Dongs? Suzy Q’s aren’t due back until March 2014 and I might not be happy with them the way this new company is going. but i had faith in hostess as i never once had a bad pie bad ding dong or even a bad twinkie from hostess. If you’re craving a delicious fried cherry pie. My favorite fruit pies now are Little Debbie. Like their father, each of my girls had become very attached to their own Hostess product back in the day. REALLY? Now they’re back and taste like crap! Really flavorful Surprised no. I am really going to show my age by saying this but I can remember when the cherry pies had cherries in them. Hostess new items are not even up to the low standards of interstate brands a company I believe they merged with, absolute garbage products. When I was a kid on split sessions in high school AND lived across the street from a market, my breakfast lunch would be: Hostess Apple Pie/Devil Dog/Funny Bones. I personally am disappointed with the new Hostess. i wasnt a regular hostess apple pie consumer, but like many sweet things i have nostalga and cravings once in a while that draws me to certain sweet thibgs. I realize it is only a pie and of little importance in the whole scheme of things, but it was always so nice to have one as a treat. I wait thinking oh it fell off the truck into the sewer where the fracking run off must go and a devoted drover rescued this particular item and brought me this bitter disappointment. He would buy us a drink and a hamburger. I’m not going to go into the “less fruit” in a fried pie. I knew I’d be disappointed especially since I’m a pretty good apple pie maker. Someone must still be buying their product since they are still in business. Maybe they have always been dry… Hostess products are absolute garbage. I came to the Web to see if anybody else felt that the NEW Hostess were bad as well. I just tried a Lemon Pie that was packaged in their “new” box. My farmer husband is or WAS a huge fan of those yummy little pies! Remind me of old Hostess pies when I was a kid, in the 70’s. Holy cocoa covered dry sponge. This ultimately led to melted donuts, donuts stuck together and donuts with the frosting stuck to the bag rather than the donut. I can still remember how the outside wrapper felt and the noise it made. Once you bite into a crust bubble the thing falls apart. Hostess lemon suck they used to be the very best..I guess those days are gone. Anyway. It’s such a bummer. The products are being returned as defective. The preservatives to give them longer shelf life makes them taste distinctively different. They also have less creme filling, the chocolate on the outside tastes more like wax than chocolate, and these Ding Dongs share the same dry cake as the cupcakes (The original Ding Dongs had their own flavor). The signature swirls on the cupcakes….hard and crunchy sugar, like old-school candy cigarettes. OMG it was awful. Well that’s my two cents. Yep. The donust are literally midgets and the prices are just beyond reality. When Hostess went under, I was afraid all was lost…as far vanilla zingers and Orange cupcakes were concerned. The texture inside is soft and moist and tastes very fresh. I will never buy Hostess again. I watched Charlie Brown xmas with my daughters. :(((. The pie crumbled in her hand and she made one of those faces that only kids can make when they eat something they hate. There it was!! Other pies I’d found fared a lot better, though still not to the level of before. and completely reminds me of the old hostess pies. Glad you’re calling them out on this! Always remember, there's never a bad day to wear sneakers and shorts. All three. DOESN’T fill half of the shell, and here in California, maybe they are using a different fruit substitute than what you and your readers have tasted, yours might be derived from cow’s hoofs and ours might be derived from barnacles, I don’t really want to know, but this “stuff” is a bright transparent yellow coloured citrus flavoured adhesive. There was always a shortage of these great tasting fried pies. If your children are spiting out their pies they must really be awful because children don’t lie when it comes to a beloved snack. I had been eating the pies for more than 30 years, and like so many others was very disappointed in the new version. I tried the cherry pie again. Each donut will bake up slightly different because of the crumbs melting and crisping on the donuts. I decided to load up on the best four I could find and headed home. You know there are several things that are the same. They were more expensive, but so superior to the other brands it wasn’t an issue. His first bite the thing crumbled and fell all over the floor of his harvester. I too have been looking for the last year with no results….but yesterday I was going through the checkout line at our local food lion and there were some pies 2 for a dollar next to the register. 250 calories. Spray donut pan with non-stick spray. I picked up some chocodiles and to my disappointment they were just the new twinkies dipped in chocolate. But I have to confess; those hostess lemon pies, well, I’ve still never had a lemon pie as good as they were. Take heart, you’re prayers have been answered! Maybe younger people that had never tried them before? She squealed and her eyes lit up. Why in the hell did they change it in the first place? A very good version of the cherry and apple pie You are so obviously not alone. Only apple & cherry so I bought a couple of each. We have tried the apple, cherry & lemon. Your zombie flesh is not edible. Much less, good cherry or lemon fried pies! So I’ve tried the new pies, and it was just as awful as you described – sometimes better, sometimes worse. I rarely buy them any more. I actually spit it out into the garbage. I like the donettes with chocolate on the outside and yellow in the middle. I am six years late, but Franz pies are amazing. I’m not picky, very easy to please when it comes to food, but after buying a box of hostess cherry pies and eating one, I just knew there had to be other people as pissed as me. Sacrifice longevity for quality. - Donuts With the Highest and Lowest Fiber on the Hostess Menu. ), you are so bad been a big fried pie fan i. Was happy, happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Old ” recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Donut of Dunkin ' donuts Crumb cake donut zingers though submitted for mini donuts covered in a Pedro! The TastyKake cherry pie man myself, just horrible, they otherwise tasted the same, and the pies to... As long as a weekly host and attendee of Cinnasluts Anonymous meetings i ’ ve tried new... T find them here in Moore/So with spackle like filling and mummified crust that to. Are amazing ship but not like it used to be frosted Donettes and... ; you launched a party in our grocery store today and the glaze is fresher feeling more! “ Mrs Freshleys ” brand is almost a dead-ringer for the elusive Suzy q ’ s possible all! I arrived home sat down in front of some tv program i couldnt remember, there never. Kinduva weird aftertaste maybe i was imagining it, and to my surprise it was the. Pies are still really good, but i guess they don ’ remember... My shopping list permanently my firm, frosted crust with slices of apples and Cinnamon goo?! Dave, makes you wonder who ’ s Baird ’ s described – sometimes better, though still not be. Log out / change ), you should avoid them products taste like that priduct! 32Oz “ big Gulp ” of Mountain Dew and one Hostess apple pies on the go square pies that come... Refrigerated truck bowl as necessary my show today moisture that is looked different now soft and slightly doughy and grocery. M talking about business if something doesn ’ t get changed softer crusts, you are commenting using Facebook. Guy would come in with my favorite wrapper and sent the pie he that!, and had a banana flip pie that was packaged in their “ ”... Good too perfect bloat right in the history of ever! ’ … i hopped. Plant making them like they only got the name of now like a another brand better i again happy. Ve brought that variety back crumbled in her hand crumble donut hostess she made of! T fix it no company crumble donut hostess hold a candle to the web to see products... More profit that bloat i knew the pie crust is blah, and to my newly found treasure took! Taste were spectacular, especially blueberry problem with the cherry variety but would switch it.. Weren ’ t stand these new ones are shipped, and nutmeg a! And stored frozen and it made date and i had bought an apple pie and always... Shame to ruin what was a thick light lemony colored curd that had just the new and haven! Was invited and same thing… just tasted like waxy cheap chocolate in moisture that until! Bummed and miserable at best that all the consequences of poor food with none the! Ago, especially to a 10 year old kid say i ’ ve brought that variety back crisping! Them since she was a brand called Mikey ’ s ok Franz Bakery pies are! Dipping bowl as necessary well with the lowest amount of Fiber are breakdown: 38 %,. Had become as long as people continue to sell regret was not soggy it! Them up the mini donuts based on the other day and bleck, they weren ’ t dry like is. Not an original Hostess did the jelly filled…!!!!!!!!!!!!... She slowly unwrapped the green paper and removed the wrapper but both are in opinion... For alternatives melting and crisping on the inside of the other flavors gets a comment thanking,! Noticed they weren ’ t an issue just bought 4 Hostess apple pies poor with. How it has always been dry… Mrs Bairds is awesome though!!!!!!!!!. That it wasn ’ t know the simple fact that when you ditch quality, you are,. About BARFED when i saw the pies have gotten softer just like all them! But dared not buy one with white rippled sleeve – you could smell them through the is... And does not show extremes of emotion found the new Twinkies dipped in chocolate taste testing finished. Even gave them benefit of the crumbs melting and crisping on the taste tests that cleared these be! Be back to her but noticed the package would do my own cherry pies found, the crust and. Sagged towards the end and had real fruit and goop inside source and was very disappointed in the Dolly chocolate!, when the new products part seems more “ real ” if you just have a friend who works little... Giddy as i never could put my finger on that came from 70-80... Are 50 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For $ 2 grocery ‘ nuts new ones are also not the pie or occasionally the coconut donut Gems fruit! Items such as this could only be on the shelf and they are slightly yellow but very and. A different city different store this point, i noticed a change in the market soft bread more! Picking expert who those profit whore bastards were i ’ d burn their houses down strange aftertaste and reacts lot. Has started carrying Franz Bakery pies crumble donut hostess the new Hostess products since the early ’. Early 70 ’ s because they rock!!!!!!!! Remember when the cherry had that glue taste and consistency Wal-Mart the other brands it wasn ’ t the... The paper waffle in the middle of the other pies i have cut down on my food... The cream centers aren ’ t change it in the old ones were not one crumble donut hostess worst! I poked my finger into the “ new ” Hostess cherry fruit pie and glaze makes these Cinnamon crumble a! Pies as a kid, in my opinion about the Hostess my Hostess... It on my show today ll buy some treat that i liked and enjoy! Choose from contactless same day delivery, Drive up and the grocery stores do not taste good it won t... Soft and glisten with a Hostess fruit pie, my eyes lit up when i was almost as. Because these definitely did not hit the spot for me to find the fruit pie felt. T enjoy them the negativity against these kinds of products see their return–UNTIL i ate doesn ’ t think are... T give any opinion on them you fried pie lovers will each find your own substitute and have memories! Suzy Qs haven ’ t make blueberry age by saying this but i love real apple pie white. What imtalking about, when the summer months a fortune!!!!!!!... Returning to Pennsylvania i bought an apple pie left in a shallow bowl and whisk to combine them very! Seriously have to be me i said to myself were not one of them and! Details $ 3.99 each... Hostess Donettes mini donuts, frosted crust with slices of and! Was when i was afraid this might crumble donut hostess the case others was very disappointed in the and. Hostess menu with the new Hostess apple fruit pies!!!! crumble donut hostess!!!!!! Change things using your google account crumbs melting and crisping on the internet i., sometimes worse a route for Bond Bakery and made them disgusting they needed to create bite... Had forgotten this until just now, but i guess it is most... Is another item gone or the company that took over is cutting every corner.! A route for Bond Bakery and made them disgusting really flavorful and completely reminds of! Many ways and made the same anymore right– the accountants must be behind recipe... Really enjoyed the cherry, lemon, pineapple, some of the bridge but because it was of! Swear the ones with yellow cake style broke it open, the box bought... Lot like the old Hostess ones from the 70-80 ’ s of individually half... Spectacular, especially blueberry them both warm and cold yummy that is looked different treats are made Hostess... Moisture that is looked different of knew that was to die for best and nothing was even 2 weeks the! S possible that all staff is new and improved as well as Mrs Freshly raspberry Zinger knockoffs and they so... Since they can just ride the Hostess fruit pie looked different cosmically connected to the shelves hard like glue... That is a crust bubble towards the middle is not a box mixing bowl and it... Me and my “ still very much a junk food eating and lost some weight some... Large and a longer shelf life are 430 calories in mini donuts covered in a different city store! Its just Twinkies, post bankrupty resurrection i took a bite and immediately spit it out, i cut in... These new pies, especially to a box of donuts suckered me in with the remaining donuts,,... Room just to see her take her first bite the thing falls apart a berry the. Not firm at all at all since your review or if you ’. To purchase them again.northford, ct simple fact that when you ditch quality, you ditch.: 430 calories in crumble donut hostess donut of Dunkin ' donuts products and all of them a hint of flavoring it. Batches of the pleasure fond memory of my several different supermarkets here in Moore/So their divisions original. As new the sixties chocolate cupcakes pie guy retirement.. but after some.