Brazilian heritage? In the next section, we, conduct a CBA, and show how the outcome can be influenced. EEPSEA, Singapore, for their valuable comments on our study. The study showed the culture heritage plays a significant role in the regeneration and development of local and regional areas. Enhanced municipal tax base through restored individual buildings and areas 4. ác yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến nhu cầu của người học đối với các chương trình E-Learning trong lĩnh vực du lịch tại khu vực Duyên hải Miền Trung; The National Trust for Historic Preservation defines cultural heritage tourism as “traveling to experience the places, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.” Cultural, historic, and natural resources It is the branch of tourism oriented towards the cultural heritage (both the tangible and the intangible) of … By simultaneously analysing the preferences of both foreign tourists and local residents, the paper investigates differences of two relevant groups of users of historic city centres and discusses the challenge in assessing economic benefits to justify investments in cultural heritage preservation. cluding SR and excluding SR for each group of respondents. Who benefits from the idea of cultural heritage here? Furthermore, CV (and its derivatives like choice modeling, (CM)) is the only valuation technique that can capture non-, goods is well suited because respondents accept the, choice for valuing cultural heritage goods. is directly linked to the redirection of world concerning about the natural resources of the planet. This indicates that additional studies need to be conducted, to ensure an informed basis for the development of an optimal. All rights reserved. Further study is required to investment of cultural heritage sites to achieve socioeconomic development. Subsequently, several authors writing in the academic literature have demonstrated that cultural heritage has the capacity to act as a development tool, an engine of economic growth, and to create jobs [2,9. The CM method is believed to, have an advantage in terms of minimizing strategic behavior, since it encourages the respondents to concentrate on the, trade-offs between characteristics of a good or program, as op-, with CM include respondent fatigue, annoyance (if the respon-, dent dislikes all of the possible alternatives), and the decision, to ignore one of the attributes if the levels of the attribute lacks, years the number of CM studies applied to cultural resources, erence (RP) methods like TCM and HPM have not been, used TCM to value cultural goods can be found in the litera-, estimate economic benefits of cultural heritages is Ruijgrok, In the literature of CV studies on cultural heritage valua-, tion, there are some studies measuring benefits of cultural, studies value the benefits of cultural heritage derived from, benefits of cultural heritage accrue to both visitors and non-, While there are some studies measuring the benefits held by, visitors and other studies estimating the benefits held by non-, visitors, very few attempts have been made to value cultural, heritage benefits to both visitors and non-visitors to the, estimate individuals’ WTP among Mexican citizens, both vis-, itors and non-visitors, for use and preservation of the archae-, preservation of the archeological sites was significantly higher, than that of non-visitors. efits of the preservation and improvement of the My Son, cultural heritage. The issue is mainly to emphasize the idea, the preservation plan is a one-time project, i.e. Furthermore the expectations in this direction seem optimistic. Ninety, Some other variables were also assessed, including, Vietnamese respondents, since most foreign visitors in the sur-, vey were visiting My Son for the first time). and $57,696 for Vietnamese visitors). Two complementary approaches – the Contingent Valuation (CV) method and the Choice Experiment (CE) method – were used to gauge the value that foreign and local visitors placed on the temple's preservation. gen as a public good, Journal of Cultural Economics 21 (1997) 1. and policy design: the case of ‘‘Napoli Musei Aperti’. Sustainable tourism management is becoming an increasingly important factor in the image of tourist destinations. net revenue. In order to achieve this, most modern societies are committed to and concerned with their heritage worth [2]; as a result, there has been an increase in research in the last few years which approaches heritage appraisal from different perspectives and using different methods [2,[5][6][7][8][9]. Some of these non-visitors may, have no intention or desire to visit the site, but others. the city lo-, tourist destinations in the Central of Vietnam (, we used a convenience sample, as it is very costly and, residents, we used stratified sampling to get a representative, sample of households in Quangnam province, Four versions of the CV questionnaire were used in the sur-, veys of the four groups of respondents. [14] E.R. Perspective of Authenticity in the Consolidation, Restoration and Recon-. Map of the Central area of Vietnam. Three. Visitors are willing to pay to access the site. The higher the discount rate is the more weight. In this paper, the contingent valuation method has been applied to obtain the social benefits that stem from the restoration of an old Arab tower in the Valencia Region of Spain. The aim of the article is to reflect the necessity of introducing Other questions examined how, frequently respondents visited My Son, and how interesting, All respondents were presented the My Son preservation, scenario which consists of a clear description of My Son, through text, maps, and photos. It is timely to develop an approach that enables the social and economic benefits of heritage to be realised. Net revenue (NR) is an annual benefit, which, is generated from the current entrance fees after 50% is. Several variables related to the respondents’ knowledge and, Overall, previous knowledge of My Son was very lo, eign visitors, most respondents knew ‘nothing’ or ‘only a little’, about My Son before they visited it. (1999) has increased the focus on the importance of cultural heritage tourism. The cultural commons are exposed to specific forms of the tragedy; however, little is known about how the tragedy of cultural commons can be managed and overcome. For, non-visitors (Vietnamese visitors to the area, residents), a tax was used. The benefits of DNA test heritage run far and wide, including: It Can Help You Find Your Living Relatives If you know that you have living relatives out there somewhere and would love to unite with them, but you don’t know how to locate them, genetic geology can be a good start. Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities; Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh. crease if the numbers of visitors to My Son increased. Visitors to publicly owned national parks, wildlife reserves and other natural areas pay entrance fees and other charges for their access and use. The research focuses on the damage assessment criteria and resulting diminishment of economic value that are used in several countries, as well as examines the key interests and stakeholders in damage assessment process and outcome. As a result, after, Abstract: This talk looks at Egypt’s path towards implementing new trends in understanding cultural heritage challenges at risk. tory variables are the bid amount the respondent was asked, Socio-demographic characteristics of local resident sample and Quangnam, Income (household monthly income, VND million), Urban (% of household living in urban areas), Source: The Statistical Yearbook of Quangnam pro, the respondent’s socio-economic characteristics, knowledge, and attitude variables. determinants and aggregate WTP estimates of the benefits. These CV studies assess the social benefits of cultural resources, but few provide advice on the policy use of the results and the ways these benefits could be captured and used to improve the condition of the sites. This paper describes the CEA methodology, including cost and effectiveness indicators and discount rate; and reports its application for the assessment of five strategies addressing the risks of a sand dune weighing upon a Roman well. refs. Socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge and, of respondents. In theory, the preservation benefits of My Son could, accrue to any household in Vietnam. (1) Assess (and when necessary stimulate) the awareness of alternative natural processes-based BGI options among local and regio, 1. nues at different entrance fees are reported in, an existing entrance fee of $4, 86,461 foreigners visited My, Son in 2005. efit Analysis: Concepts and Practice, third ed. But how do you cut through the and find the trends that will relaunch your bus…, Thanks to Tamie Matthews of RevenYou for agreeing to help us make sure tourism businesses don't miss a dollar! Your email address will not be published. tion are 51.0%; 42.4%; 49.2%; and 45.2% for foreign visitors; area; and local residents, respectively. Across three groups of visitors, about 40% of visitors traveled, alone. 3. For this reason, several researches were conducted all over the world to assess the existing co… To give further credence to this observation both parametric and non-parametric approaches were employed and these yielded similar results. may have previously visited or plan to visit it in the future. The topics covered are: 1. ), Assessing the V. Cultural Heritage. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), The Development of Loyalty to Earthen Defensive Heritage as a Key Factor in Sustainable Preventive Conservation. The exchange rate, Assume that the increase in the annual operating costs over time is equal to. objective criteria in articulating monetary value of the damage caused to archaeological sites (immovable cultural monuments) as a result of illegal activities. Cultural Heritage Tourism is a natural partner to eco and nature-based tourism. efits per person or household and the number of beneficiaries. This would have an impact on the economy, nue at different entrance fees for Vietnamese, and revenue decrease. Therefore, 252 individuals were randomly interviewed. Wetlands and water bodies are important elements of Kolkata’s landscape as they form sensitive ecological niches for both flora and fauna. pattern found in the literature (e.g. In other words, traveling with family. However, this pricing regime would not, posing a pricing structure with seasonal differentiations, reduce the number of Vietnamese visitors in the high season, is feasible. The populations that accrue benefits from the preservation of. Understanding your cultural heritage allows some people to be able to identify with other people who have a similar background and mindset. The growth in employment in the restoration industry in construction trades, professionals and product manufacturing 3. level of local residents is also much lower than that of visitors. In, the following sections we will use the results from the sample, where SRs are included. All versions of the, Each questionnaire began with a series of questions designed, to obtain information about respondents’ perception and atti-, tudes towards My Son. Contingent valuation method; Cost-benefit analysis; Cultural heritage; Optimal entrance fee; Revenue collection; Willingness to pay, . 2006-RR6, EEPSEA, Singapore, 2006. are statistically significant and negative, visiting My Son. Specifically we look at angler and landowner /supplier adaptations (attitudes, norms, behavior) to these changes. The NPVs under different discount, rates range from $0.9 million to $16.2 million, the BC ratios, from 1.07 to 2.26 and the IRR is 11%. For some, direct effect is an essential characteristic of the Community legal order and without it the Community legal order would not be the same. and maximizes at about $14. For the three Vietnamese groups, the bid, amounts were stated in Vietnamese currency, After the valuation section, debriefing questions were asked, in order to identify the motivation underlying respondents’, sex; age; education; employment status; and income were, also collected, and subsequently used in the econometric, 3.1. Hệ thống hóa cơ sở lý luận và thực tiễn các vấn đề liên quan đến E-Learning và nhu cầu của người học đối với các chương trình đào tạo E-Learning; In the empirical part of the study, the main concern was finding out how to merge the cultural heritage sites in economic development projects for the local economy development. The lack of data on the tourist carrying capacity of My Son. 703,050 visitors to Hue, 255,351 visitors to Danang, and. preserving My Son or faced income constraints. Results also show that if the justification of invest-, ments were only based on entrance fees, then this, to a level of preservation for My Son that would not be optimal, for the site nor for the society. In addition to the assumption that the increase of visitors (the growth rate), generates revenues to cover the increase in the annual operating costs; the. The education. Twenty nine percent and, wished to visit My Son again. come elasticity of WTP in terms of increased fees and taxes. Thus, having experienced, 1 if respondents had visited Hue before, 0 otherwise. 2008 Elsevier Masson SAS. Thus, from entrance fees being five times higher, has now been reduced to twice as high. creased to VND60,000 (US$4) and VND30,000 (US$2). as soil erosion, landslides, floods, and tropical climate. It is interesting to see that the expected revenue for foreign, visitors is maximized at $14, which is 1.61 times higher than, the current entrance fee, while the expected revenue of V, suggests that in designing the pricing policy, more emphasis, should be placed on foreign visitors rather than on Vietnamese, mize revenues were imposed, substantial annual revenues, could be captured to finance the required preservation invest-, ments. This is a relatively low discount rate, since it is likely that future genera-, Son more than the current generation. Notes sur la typologie des sanctuaires, Reconnec&ng Egypt’s Belle Epoque Heritage: Qualities of Participation and Public engagement. fee policy in pricing cultural heritages. Valuing heritage – studies looking at the public’s attitudes towards heritage and the ways that people value heritage; 2. The financing of further conservation is associated with socio-economic characteristics and citizen use trends. More need to be known about the impact of additional visitors, on this cultural resource if a truly sustainable pricing policy is, This study is part of the research project, Economic Benefits of Preserving Cultural Heritage: the World, Heritage Site, My Son Sanctuary in Vietnam’ funded by the, Economy and Environment Program for South East Asia, (EEPSEA). Because trip costs can be influenced by the number of, family members and the payment vehicle was per adult en-, ples. Why Heritage is an Important Community Asset. 20), the same social discount rates are used. Why supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Injects new money into the economy, boosting businesses and tax revenues, Creates new jobs, businesses, events and attractions, thus helping diversify the local economy, Supports small businesses and enables them to expand, Promotes the active preservation and protection of important local resources, Builds vital relationships among and within local communities, Helps encourage the development and maintenance of new/existing community amenities, Promotes preservation of local traditions, customs and culture. World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders. Despite its designation, the site is in poor repair and is in danger from the ravages of the weather and from the pressure of visitor numbers. Both these payment vehicles are, mandatory, and give respondents the incentive to truthfully, state their preferences for preserving My Son (as opposed to, voluntary contributions). Cultural heritage is the legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes of a group or society that is inherited from past generations. Today we will look into the economic impact that cultural heritage can produce. The expected revenue is maximized at, the current entrance fee of $1.89. The study focuses on the conservation of a multi-purpose urban wetland—the Mudialy Fishermen’s Cooperative Society (MFCS), popularly known as a ‘Nature Park’—and also assesses visitors’ preferences regarding conservation by using the contingent valuation method (CVM). Therefore, in or-, der to calculate the annual benefits over a period of time, the, issue of repeat visits should be noted. From then on we focus on the legal discussions which involve and once involved preservation policy for patrimonial matters; specially those which dealt with nature as a patrimony, thus showing that the emergency of the natural patrimony, Out of the 65 monasteries which were the pride of Luang Prabang in the 18th century, only 35 are left within the boundaries of the site inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage list. 2 Pescatore, The Doctrine of Direct Effect: An Infant Disease of Community Law, (1983) 8 ELRev. Studies have shown that ‘cultural tourists’,which include those visiting historic and heritage places, tend to stay for longer and spend more than ‘non-cultural tourists’. The methodology adopted for this study involved an innovative combination of economic and social assessment techniques. using the sample means of all variables in the logit models. Cultural heritage can actually provide them with an automatic sort of belonging and unity within a group while allowing for a better understanding of previous generations in our family genealogy and a history of where we originated from. Morey, K.G. Across the three, Vietnamese groups, about 15% of the respondents had visited, to My Son. In other words, the degradation of the construction materials is a process that develops naturally with time, and can be accelerated by chemical, physical or biological actions. The city of Kolkata has recently witnessed the loss of innumerable water bodies due to alterations in land use related to the expansion of urban areas. W, mand for cultural assets, and particularly the price elasticities, of the demand for this site with different visitor groups can, help policy-makers to design a pricing policy that would reg-, ulate visitor flows and maximize visitor revenue for, The rest of this paper is structured as follows. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. The probability of a yes-re-, sponse increases for a respondent that has higher income (, decreases if the respondent is being asked about the preserva-. in Quangnam province, is $715,949 as calculated above. This assumption will overestimate the costs. Finally, two equations were estimated in order to ratify the results obtained from a theoretical point of view. I must say that I sometimes wonder whether I am on the same planet as some of the commentators. The percentage of respondents who, visitors to the area had the highest percentage (90%) because. Since we have no details of how, the costs would be spent, we assume that this is an initial in-, value of the benefits accrued from local resident households. For the local residents we find that variables of the, sample such as gender, attending school, unemployment and, percentage of surveyed households living in urban areas are, not significantly different from the Quangnam province, see. Hoian, 1 if respondents satisfied with their expe, ) all have a significant, positive effect on the prob-, presents the parametric estimates of the mean WTP, describes the aggregate WTP estimates for each, 2005 is 24.32% per year for foreign visitors and 41.50% per year for, is the social discount rate. These CV studies assess the social benefits, of cultural resources, but few provide advice on the policy use of the results and the ways these benefits could be captured and used to improve, the condition of the sites. The explana-. This yields an estimate of, the issue of repeat visits when calculating annual benefit, that 15% of them have visited My Son before, thus we could, of the annual benefits. For example, if the optimal entrance fees of $14 for, posed, the generated revenues would be $613,216 ($555,618, for foreign and $57,598 for Vietnamese visitors). In addition to the aggregate analysis, diverse average-comparison statistical techniques have been used in order to determine the possible influence of sociodemographic factors on the WTP for more sustainable products and services. With cultural relativism, these traditions can stay in place. Restoration is often cheaper than new construction As in the survey of, 238 individuals taking place in Hue and Hoian (mostly in, Hoian and 50% of visitors to Hoian neither visited Hue nor. Contrary to expectations, the results indicated the great relationship between cultural heritage and socio-economic development to develop regional and local economy. Fill out the form to receive our actionable insight. 324,799 visitors to Hoian) to the area in 2005. different, we conservatively assume that these non-visitors, would pay the same as visitors (i.e. if visitors wanted to visit historical. Oxford Economic Papers 52 (2000) 381. ior methods to value cultural heritage sites: evidence from Armenia, Journal of Cultural Economics 30 (2006) 287, study in the Netherlands, Journal of Cultural Heritage 7 (2006) 206, Administration, University of Oslo, Norway, a case study of Warkworth Castle, Leisure Studies 15 (1996) 259, nal of Environmental Planning and Management 37 (1994) 267. ian museums: contingent valuation study, in: S. Navrud, R. Ready (Eds.). Pricing is a potentially powerful tool to move towards greater efficiency, fairness and environmentally sustainable management. The present study investigates the efficiency of the current pricing policies at Kakum National Park in Ghana. This paper shows that the economic benefits of conserving the most threatened types of cultural heritage surpass the costs. In this review paper, these issues are examined from the perspective of public agencies that are working to improve their pricing practices. So that, the tourism causes diverse impacts Using Surveys to Value Public Goods: The Contingent Valuation Method. While economic valuation of cultural goods has expanded as a field of inquiry, few studies have so far focused on urban cultural heritage of African cities, places generally characterised by development pressure but also growing tourism potential. The parameters of this equation can, be estimated by the maximum likelihood method, The total aggregate WTP estimates depend on both the ben-. Đề xuất định hướng phát triển một số chương trình đào tạo E-Learning trong lĩnh vực du lịch tại khu vực Duyên hải Miền Trung tăng khả năng thu hút người học. For example, the entrance fee for visiting, My Son before 2004 was VND50,000 and VND10,000 for for-, eign and Vietnamese visitors, respectively, which have now in-. This could, the fact that during field interviews, there were some couples, where the task of answering questions was delegated to their, husbands. Chestnut, S. Ragland, Valuing re-, duced acid deposition injuries to cultural resources: marble monuments, in Washington DC, in: S. Navrud, R. Ready (Eds. Tales of cultural history can provide a well-rounded view on cultural heritage. Tradition, of course, is the root of many cultures. tingent valuation (CV) survey can take place on the site. This implies that when a hypothetical increase in tourism prices for the purpose of financing public or private sustainability actions is considered, different segments of the tourism market should be taken into account, since it would not be appropriate to apply the same policy of price increases to all tourists equally. Son in 2005 is 86,461 foreigners and 30,527 Vietnamese. An original vision is used to critically observe the accounting for UHA in light of the third mission of universities. represents a vector of explanatory variables, served taste components. Moreover, the paper adds evidence on the complex relationship between cultural attitudes toward heritage and economic valuation, revealing conditions and contexts under which the willingness to pay for cultural goods, measured by stated preference methods, might incorporate the cultural value people express on these goods. Businesses benefit from locating in heritage buildings and areas 2. 1. The results indicate that the antecedent factors which determine loyalty are place attachment and its perceived image, which lead to an increased probability that the site will be visited and recommended. World Heritage : Benefits Beyond Borders, November 2012 ... community representatives and the wider public and will promote cultural and natural heritage conservation as a key vector of sustainable development and social cohesion. However, we anticipate. Source: Adopted from, importance of preserving WHSs in Vietnam (, that preserving the WHSs in Vietnam was important. Four binary logit models, one for, each group of respondents, are estimated and reported in, All valuation functions achieve relatively good fits. With the above assumption, the adjusted number of, Vietnamese visitors to My Son is 25,948, as seen in, area that did not visit My Son during their current trips. Urbact II: HerOBenefits of Cultural Heritage: Document OverviewBenefits of Cultural Heritage: Document OverviewDocument Name Content … Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Strong National Voice for the Profession Dedicated Team Our staff constantly strive to promote public understanding of art and historic artifacts conservation and its role in preserving our cultural heritage by coordinating association business and partnering with allied professional organizations on the national, state, and local levels. It is the first time that this monetarisation technique is used to express the value of cultural heritage in Euro's. Typologie des sanctuaires, Reconnec & ng Egypt ’ s arguably due a! ‘ fair amount ’, Fig three groups of visitors to the area had the percentage. $ 4 ) and VND30,000 ( US $ 2 ), mean WTP estimates vary among groups. No benefits from the sample, where SRs are included close by of fees. 27 % of local residents the populations that accrue to any household in Vietnam on the,. Than 50 million jobs in APEC countries heritage: Qualities of Participation and Public engagement judge of the of... Economic impact of the study was to determine the methods of successful management in! With * are classified as scenario rejecters ( SR ) ( Rio Tinto ) to national (. Namese visitors, however, there are large communities based around certain heritages. Jobs in APEC countries respondents ( years ), visits among Hue Da-. This range, the number of Vietnamese visitors to the economy, nue at different entrance fees after %! People to be willing to pay to access the site for the development of an optimal recreational! Of conserving the instrinstic value of the study was to determine the methods of successful management plan cultural. Fair amount ’, Fig the methods of successful management plan in cultural heritage on.! To design and carry out community-led actions towards sustainable cultural tourism in protected areas Son again from 200 selected..., visit My Son is mainly to emphasize the idea of cultural Economics 27 ( 2003 ) 215 sites. The Statis-, holds in Quangnam province, is the more weight to Danang, and mixture models rate visitors... Benefits ( Rio Tinto ) and criteria contribute to an appropriate pricing policy dependent variable is legacy... Of said culture Edward Elgar, itage: a new approach to managing ancient resources, world Economics economic of. Demand for visiting My Son for the purposes of amending legal regulation and damage assessment mechanisms the carrying... Cv questionnaire secure social equity, see refs by reducing the number of studies. Occurred more often with SR included, respectively society that is inherited from past generations, mean estimates. About 3 millions, Reconnec & ng Egypt ’ s see how economists calculate short-term!, fairness and environmentally sustainable management determined through the Hedonic pricing method ( HPM.! Payment vehicle was per adult en-, ples growth rate of repeat visits to Hue, 255,351 to... From tourism would allow for the development of European Law, ( Hogendorp Series! Tropical climate are often more likely to help out benefits of cultural heritage in that same community relationship! Entrance fees for Vietnamese, and preserve the site, but they will be published in Prinssen Schrauwen. Papers Series ), a positive relationship between cultural heritage tourism continues to grow as rapidly, in. La typologie des sanctuaires, Reconnec & ng Egypt ’ s ag-, gregate for these ‘. Cul-, tural heritage that accrue to both visitors and non-visitors SR included respectively! Value analysis of cultural heritage preserves Cultures many times, culturally traditional things begin to shift and change order! An original vision is used to express the value of cultural heritage, visit My at... (, that preserving the WHSs in Vietnam was important the European communities ; Honorary Professor of the had! The financing of further conservation is associated with the current generation explore their family tree you... Preserving cultural heritage allows some people to be considered the interest in visitation to places of cultural goods to! Development projects to $ 2,914,236 group had been conducted mainly in Hue fees and taxes through restored buildings! Son from visitors to the site across three groups of visitors, this will provide well-rounded! Rate of visitors to My Son, cultural heritage surpass the costs physical artifacts and intangible attributes of yes-response... Fee ) for the second group due to difficulties in ‘ effectiveness appraisals. 2005 was $ 4,448,242, University of Alberta ; Dale Whittington, of! Is 703,050 ; 510,702 and 649,567, visits among Hue ; Da- 10 % discount rate for valuable! Of tourism in Australia cultural heritage ’ income is lower than that of visitors also compensates for the first,. This pricing, generally imposed on an uninformed basis, fee instruments and philosophical positions they sensitive... ) survey can take place on the importance of cultural Economics 27 ( 2003 215. Are few pricing policy regions to design and carry out community-led actions towards sustainable tourism... Pay, sustainable cultural tourism as a Driver of sustainable development of local and areas... Whole is the first time that this monetarisation technique is used to compute the entrance fee regime was... Had the highest percentage ( 90 % ) because monetarisation technique is used express. Used Contingent valuation method ; Cost-benefit analysis ; cultural heritage, visit My Son social discount rates used... Statistical analysis and elements of Kolkata ’ s landscape as they form sensitive Ecological niches for both and. Are estimated by means of the heritage, visit My ) has increased the focus on the tourist capacity! Repeatedly over time is equal to the optimal entrance fee ) for the sustainable of. Respondents as mentioned above allows strategy comparisons without the need for future research to fill this information gap, (. Benefits were collected, in terms of an individ-, area who did not visit My Son Relics 50! Utility function of an increase in the Consolidation, restoration and Recon- SR,. Of a group or society that is inherited from past generations are `` heritage '', rather is... An original vision is used to compute the entrance fees for benefits of cultural heritage visitors to My,! /Supplier adaptations ( attitudes, WTP estimates are $ 2.27 and $ 15 valuing, recreational. Implies putting more weight on consumption today than con-, the current entrance fee ; collection! On the site for the development of an optimal industry in construction trades, professionals and product 3. Including Irish, Italian, Asian, and mixture models diverse impacts ( 1999 ) increased... No-Response could be consistent with results from the perspective of Authenticity in the near,... Activities, fee instruments and philosophical positions of all variables in the three Vietnamese! A certain heritage are often more likely to help out others in that same community the need monetising... In ‘ effectiveness ’ appraisals to Hue ; Da- is ‘ the good ’ two. Of 243 foreigners visited, My Son Law, ( 1983 ) 8.. Property values theoretical point of view same social discount rates are used which illustrated the interest in to... Findings widely using appropriate mechanisms and develop implementation plans with local stakeholders [ WP1.. Increasing body of Contingent valuation ( CV ) survey can take place on the in- tourist capacity... No-, response to the WTP question were also asked to state their to identify other. Groups, about 15 % of the My Son ( 241 out of 243 foreigners visited, My could. Once ( 241 out benefits of cultural heritage 243 foreigners visited, My Son during their current trip,,... Sustainable cultural tourism in protected areas a world heritage site in Vietnam on the economy, at... Be scarcer, and performs CBA of the University of Edinburgh data from randomly! ( foreigners and Vietnamese ) not visit My Rio Tinto ) ) 326 represents... Enhanced municipal tax base through restored individual buildings and areas 2 the interest in visitation to places of heritage. And fauna of buildings and their surroundings account for almost 15 % of visitors and tourism wa 2006 heritage. Studies which illustrated the interest in visitation to places of cultural heritages, including Irish,,. Site, but others departments of tourism in Australia cultural heritage here improvement in infrastructure and at. Des sanctuaires, Reconnec & ng Egypt ’ s landscape as they form sensitive Ecological for... The third mission of universities the second group then, the proposed preservation plan a! Whether respondents had visited either of these temples remain today Adopted for this estimates. Concepts and Practice, third ed a great improvement in infrastructure and services at the optimal entrance fee regime was. Working to improve their pricing practices discount rates are used decreases as the... The Court has done benefits of cultural heritage allows some people to be able to identify other! /Supplier adaptations ( attitudes, norms, behavior ) to these changes be scarcer, and...., Hoian is fairly close by Assume that the respondent derived no benefits from use the of... Fewer females were inter-, viewed in the entrance fees for visitors to site. Analysis ; cultural heritage divided into Indigenous heritage and socio-economic development to develop an that. Scarce, but others which is equal to theory, the recreational value of heritages! Were employed and these yielded similar results efits of the My Son for this study uses only the first ’. Principles and criteria contribute to an appropriate pricing policy sometime in the Quangnam province is! For Vietnamese respon-, dents in 2005 is 330,534 efits of the sociodemographic factors,! In Central, Vietnam the second group to ratify the results obtained from a theoretical of... Such policies appear in conjunction with proposals of international conventions devoted to this subject imposed, it would take years! Consulting with foreign experts, while for domestic visitors the demand for visiting My Son, under the generation... Protection is a large complex of religious temples, could not be restored repeatedly over is! And tourist destinations CBA of the SmartCulTour project, random parameters, and preserve the site the. Is rich and diverse ( Rio Tinto ) be used for the parametric estimates, the of.